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The large Dwarven city in the North of the Vridium Empire. This city was here before the curse of the Frozen Plains was set upon the northern end of Baephios, but due to the curse drove out the majority of the population and only left Dwarves, Gnomes, Golaith and Dragonborn to fend off the cold. Sul not only produces the majority of the Empires weapons and armor but is also the official location of the Baephios coinery. Sul produces so much platinum, gold, silver, and copper as well as having the best and the brightest blacksmiths living there that masterfully craft the precious coins that get put into circulation in Baephios.


The majority of this mining city are dwarves and gnomes. You will find an occasional elf or human here or there, but mainly dwarf, gnome goliath and dragonborn.


While the City of Sul is technically under the reign of the Vridium empire they act as their own sort of independant nation. They have Vridium Crown's guard there for extra protection as well as a representative from Balelridge to make sure all the mining and forging processes run smoothly. They do have a mayor which is no real official title but a monthly vote of the hardest working blacksmith and miner.


Sul is protected by the natural cliffs and snowy mountains that surround the city. There are also large dwarven made metal gates that one must pass through in order to enter the city.

Industry & Trade

Sul is the most profitable city on the Continent and most likely the whole world. The amount of weapons and armor that Sul pumps out weekly is staggering. They trade with every nation, even Zochakha, as well as the other 3 continents, even Nineveh.


Very dwarven made of stone and wood. Sturdy and strong just like the men and women who built it.


The city of Sul provides the Vridium Empire with 80% of the nations metal and ore supply. As well as a large majority of the continents weapons and armor. Sul has a total of 37 forges and nearly 50 mines all of different ore. Whether it be gold, silver, copper, adamanitne it doesn't matter Sul has it.

Guilds and Factions

All the miners worship and pray to "The Guide". It is a newly found religion that was just passed as a legal god in the Empire. The blacksmiths all worship Hilda goddess of the Forge.


Sul was once a normal mining town in the mountains. Once the curse of the Frozen Plains hit only the dwarves, gnomes and goliath were left that could consistantly survive the cold weather.

Points of interest

Sul is named after the big forge in the center of the city, Sul's Forge. Sul Blackhand is a legendary blacksmith who forged both of the Empire's sacred artifacts, a longsword and a breastplate. He is known for being one of the few blacksmiths to properly forge using Novakuzran's Black Iron. He took a trip to Novakuzran where he met personally with King Hugo Ironbrawn III and pursuaded the dictator to teach him the ways. While Sul is old in age his 3 sons have spread across Baephios to hone their talents in different nations and even different continents.


Sul is a place a work and business. Anyone making their way to the Iron City will find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of hardwork the miners and blacksmiths do in a day. Working from before the sun breaks until the stars start to twinkle.


Due to the curse of the Frozen Plains, Sul is a frozen over city. There are mountains covered in snow on either side of the city as well as many cliffs near the entrance where the Black Iron gate is. The soil is frozen solid and is sometimes harder to dig through than the rock in the mines.
Alternative Name(s)
The Iron City
Aprox. 7000

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