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The capital of the Vridium Empire and the largest city in Baephios. Named after the cliffs and ridges that surround the city giving it a natural barrier. Balelridge is a well guarded city that houses the longest standing royal bloodline, the Rigby family. This city has a large number of merchants, blacksmiths and anything you can think of in a massive city. As well as the largest standing army of the four nations. The Vigilant Advance is what the official army is known as. However, like most nations, they are commonly referred to as the Crown's Guard. Balelridge also has the lowest number of homeless people, and the largest number of people in prisons. Balelridge is guarded by the esteemed The Guardians of the Ridge.   While Balelridge might be the safest city to sleep in, it is also the most strict city on its rules and laws. There is a heavy human and elven bias here that is not spoken of, but everyone knows it exists. There are multiple local nobles that govern the three civillian sections of Balelridge.   The city is separated into five total sections, the farmlands, the Labor block, the Inns and tavern quarter, the Guild street and the Sussely Square.   The Farmlands are outside of the walls of Balelridge. Amongst the multiple cliffs and ridges there are waterfalls that stream by that water the crops that feed the capital.   The Labor Block is the first buildings and establishments one would see when entering the the gates of Balelridge. Armory and blacksmiths, general stores and housing are the buildings found here.   The Inns and Tavern quarter is right next to the Shopping Block with several renown and comfortable places to eat and sleep.   The Guild Street is a long strip along side the Eastern side of Balelridge that has all the merchant, thieves, adventuerer, druid, arcanist, guilds of every kind are all available here. While the Vridium Empire isn't known for their vast number of adventurers they are known for their extensive training of knights.   The Sussely Square is the very heart of Balelridge. With a beautiful view of the Rigby Castle and the city all around you. This is the prime real estate area for shops or resturants. Most of the establishments here pay a large weekly fee to continue keeping their shop.


Mainly Humans with few dwarves and elves. Dragonborn are the second most common race here. But still about 70% Human.


The Governing body is purely whoever the current King is. Other than that Nobles and those of the Rigby bloodline have divine law here.


Balelridge has excellent natural defences as the city sat ontop of a large hill with many cliffs and hills to deter inclined attacks. Also with the mountains at its back that has natural defences as well. Of course there is the Crowns' Guard which you will find plent of enlisted individuals working for the crown keeping the streets clean and the troublemakers out of the public eye. Perhaps the most well known defences Balelridge has are The Guardians of the Ridge.

Industry & Trade

Balelridge is in control of the mining and blacksmith city of Sul. The largest exporter of weapons made of metal, shields and armor. Vridium made products are always a good buy at an armory shop anywhere. They are the gold standard when it comes to quality product yet still not terribly expensive. Balelridge also has the largest amount of wiold cattle. While a lot of the herds were destroyed by the curse of the Frozen Plains, the land still untouched has rich soil and wild cattle. Farming them for their meat and milk brings Balelridge a lot of money.


Like other capital cities the most advanced infrastructre in Balelridge is a sewer system. Watermills, windmills line the Farmlands there are large blast furnaces blacksmiths use, but other than that nothing notable.


All districts are available to the public, but the Cozy Riegal Road is a gated and guarded section right before the Rigby Castle for nobles and rich merchants. Needing an invitation or a special pin to enter legally.


Balelridge is not known for their magic but there are a few magic shops that reside in Balelridge, however all of these magic shops are in the Cozy Riegal Road. Balelridge is better known for their expert craftsmanship of armor and weapons. With Sul being part of the Vridium Empire they have access to Adamantine and Mithril mines in the Frozen plains.

Guilds and Factions

There are plenty guilds and factions all apart of Balelridge. Of course you have the most famous guild, The Night Wolves, a thieves guild that prides themselves on information gathering and assassinations of wild monsters and beasts. The HummingArrows, a Ranger&Rogue guild that pride themselves on the perfect shot from far away. Balelridge also has the finest orders of paladins and clerics. With many of them worshipping Udos and Nero, as they are the two most popular gods in the Empire.


Balelridge was founded by King Jonathan Rigby I and was quickly made the capital as the King himself loved the elevation and the view. Balelridge only then began to grow and grow. Several new walls put up for more defences and farming of the hills and cliffs made it easy to pour water from the city onto the crops when need be.

Points of interest

The Empire is a very religious nation. They take their accepted gods and worship them as often as possible. There is the Sundry Salos Chapel of Many that takes up a massive 2 blocks worth of building space as the chapel is home to many statues and old religious texts used to study and worship.


Balelridge isn't the most tourist friendly, but a capital city will always have people coming in droves. This city is a place of oppertunity and work. Almost no one is turned down from the army and many can make a living working in shops or taverns. Most people that come to Balelridge are those trying to escape the life of a commoner from a village in the Empire.


Very classic medieval times themed. With a lot of wood and wool houses with stone foundations. Mostly two story buildings and establishments. Not too many buildings made of stone.
Founding Date
250 PA
Approx. 25,000

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