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The Guardians of the Ridge

The Guardians of the Ridge are magically trained and equipped individuals who give their lives to defending the Royal family of the Vridium Empire. When they give their whole lives, they give their whole lives. The process of becoming a Guardian means you rescind your very life spirit to serve. Those who succeed in their ritual will serve even beyond death. There are three main Guardians who are masters of their craft and have been serving for several centuries. There is the guardian of shields, Brunehold Tibell a dragonborn who had served many years in the Empire's army as a the head of the main defense in Balelridge. He was known for his tactical mind for executing defense perfectly. Many regard him as the reason for Balelridge never being taken over by pure brute strength. Then there is First Commander Sir Gerrald Amberward II. A human who was promoted fairly late into his time in the Empire's army, but was an excellent decision once given that authority. Finally there is the guardian of Faith, Omar Law. This is a man of oath, a man of faith and a man of pure holy justice. Omar is known for bringing divine justice down upon his foes on the battle field.


Each guardian controls their own brigade of specially trained individuals seperate from the typical crown's guard that reside in all cities, towns and villages. There are no ranks among the groups as they are all seen as individuals once they are accepteed into this after-death career. The three guardians report directly to the King and no one else. They are some of the most trusted members of the Empire, even more than the sages and elders.


Despite being a military organization under the King the culture of the group is quite relaxed most of the time. While all of them went under the ritual to become an undead they still maintain their ability to have human emotions when they choose. This is often seen when they get a day off and spend it drinking and playing games at local taverns in Balelridge. Drinking alcohol and eating food isn't required as they are undead, but was made available to guardians to help with incentive. However, when working they have the unique ability to shut off all emotions and feelings. Cold hearted, no emotions, no pain; the ultimate soldier.

Public Agenda

To serve the King and protect the walls of Balelridge from any attackers.


The guardians have special armor to protect their now vulnerable bones specially enchanted to withstand even the most powerful physical and magical damage.


The Guardians originally were brought to power during the reign of King Jonathan Rigby III as a new necromantic spell was devised that was able to use an offered soul to transfer onto an undead vessel obedient to the desired master. In this case the Rigby Bloodline.

For the King

Military Order
Alternative Names
Undead Paladins

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