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Rock Town

Gp'drik is a small mining town in the southern Nur-ymir. It is unusual, in that it is a mining town in the middle of the great Forest, and that it is essential to the encomiums of the Realm.
Gp'drik is one of the few places in the Realm where a rare precious crystal can be mined.
It has a small working population, with families, admistration and protection. Its minimal infrastructure allows it some limited independence, but with out regular supply caravans the town would soon collapse.
The town is very isolated. It is a strange phenomena that the majority of the town's residents do not know exactly where the town is located. So, should the town be the target of uncivilized behaviour or mis-happenstance, its security could be easily managed by its governing authorities.
This town is very much a company town.


The majority of residents are dwarf miners.


A direct representatives of the Paragons, Medicaments, and the Dwarvish Southern Mining Consortium form a tripartite governing counsel which maintains law, civility and productivity. They have full authority with regards to the civil laws of the town, with a specific mandate to guarantee production.


There is always an obvious Paragon presence in the town. As it's location is not generally known, few accidentally stumble upon it. Those that do come to the town are never tourists or adventurers, and thos types do discover the town, then they are politely reminded of the consequences of acting against Her Will.

Industry & Trade

There is no trade with this town. It's resources a required by the Realm.


Even though the town is small, it has all the basic requirements to be self-reliant, as long at it has supplies. The majority of infrastructure is mining related, but other functional and practical infrastructure exists.


This town has no assets except the crystal that it mines for the Realm.
Founding Date

"Gp'drk? Never heard of it? That town doesn't exist. More interesting... how did you hear about this fantasy place?"
Telisarl arena-O'rgnta, Elf, Warden.

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