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In game mechanics
Orcs will follow Pathfinder's rules as defined here.   That said, it's very discouraged to play an Orc in this world unless you are 100% certain of what you're doing or unless the campaign calls for it. Orcs are quite hated and will rarely find, or make, good company.   Social difficulty: ★★★★★ - Orcs are the iconic villain to hate in Ayn. While there are other threats, few enemies are more recognizable than the orc. Orcs display a level of savagery and brutality that affords them being considered an uncivilized race and as, at best, will not be welcome in most areas, and at worse (and commonly) will be hunted on sight. It is only advised to play this character if the campaign is specifically evil/monster themed, or if an agreement is met with the DM beforehand.
  Orcs are one of the original guardians of the planet, with the other being Elves. The term 'guardian' is a bit of a misnomer, as they were actually created with conflict and destruction in mind. If other humanoids are the blade, Orcs are the whetstone that grind it to a fine point, creating a masterful weapon by hewing at its imperfections. Because of their quick growth, gestation, and often having many children, Orcs are in no short supply and can be found in camps across Ayn.  
  Recognizable features include their distinct skin color, large size, and often front facing lower jaw, complete with tusks that will curl over the upper lip. Although seen less among females, many will still have the gnarled teeth peeking above their lower lip. Otherwise their skin color ranges from a light green to a dark brown with no real rhyme or reason behind the colorization. It is not distinct to a region, nor is it a product of adapting to certain climates or exposure to the sun. A green Orc mother could give birth to a brown or green skinned young.   Other notable features are their pointed ears. While not as elongated as the Elves, it does allow for slightly better hearing. They also have a stone, or neanderthal brow, granting to beady, inset eyes. Lastly, even a slightly 'skinnier' Orc will still have impressive musculature, ranging from tough looking to an absolute war machine.
  They favor a 'Might makes right' mentality, and are not above trickery and deceit to win in combat. Most ideals like honor or loyalty are alien to Orcs, and oft they consider those that bind themselves to these concepts to be weak and stupid.   While an anomaly, it is possible for Orcs to break out of their tribe and stomping grounds to pursue civilized life. Those that cannot rein in their destructive tendencies will often find themselves dead without a warband to back up their antics, and unless they find a way to prove their good intentions or have someone to vouch for them, most civilized races will attack them on sight. Orcs that do prove themselves (A grueling ordeal and a long amount of time that their lifespan doesn't generally allow for), will slowly integrate into society and find themselves enjoying the luxury of a group not fueled by war and hate. However, they are slaves to their instinct and will have to keep their bloodlust in check, as many a skeptical eye will still be upon them.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Orcs are considered an adult as young as 12 years old and are generally expected to fight as early as 10. Most Orcs die in combat or due to mistakes paid to low intelligence, but they are considered 'old' if they reach the age of 40. Their maximum life is 70 years, but if they are one of the fortunate able to die of old age, it's generally around 50-60.

Ecology and Habitats

While Orcs have no ideal habitat, they often force their surroundings to suit them. Trees are cut down, grass trampled, mountains chipped into...however they can form their camps.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Orcs revere strength above all else, so most of their societies are formed on kratocracies, which is a government where the strongest rule. Often leadership is challenged and vied for in their tribes.   Orcs are capable of recognizing strength out of their species and can even gain respect for a non-orc if beaten enough in combat.

Average Intelligence

They suffer from low intelligence. While not a mindless animal, they fail to grasp complex, and even some basic concepts. Orc spellcasters are rare, and the ones that exist mostly draw upon primal, natural magic. Orc Wizards are a unicorn and often ejected from their internal society since they generally do not use hulking weapons or medium-to-heavy armor, seen as weak and a burden.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Orc first names are often guttural, and to the point, if but only to make it easier to signal them in combat. Surnames are usually titles tacked on at the end. If an Orc coupling is formed, sometimes the female and child will be forced to take on the surname.   Male names: Garbu, Krugg, Nargak   Female names: Puwa, Nar, Harrga   Surnames: Headcleaver, Rockchewer, Guttusk

Gender Ideals

Although Orc males are self defined as superior, this does not equate to much in their actual engagement. Women are encouraged to fight, hunt, and exist just as men. The only time this comes into play is when the women are pregnant, at which point they are demanded not to fight. Fortunately gestation for Orcs is short, often half the time of a Human gestation, so they are quickly back to the quarrel.

Courtship Ideals

Orc courtship is often a brutal and vile affair, as many Orcs find their strength to be entitling to not simply land and items, but even partners. Often Orcs will force themselves onto a partner and stake claim, fighting off other would be suitors, quite literally. Whichever Orc 'wins' their partner, the partner generally accepts, on the basis they cannot beat them.   This can foster a sort of kinship between the two as they respect the strength one another shows, though this is often rekindled through brutal fights or even attempts to outright kill the other. While not the norm, it is possible to find a strong orc bond.

Common Taboos

A person who flees from battle is often mocked, ridiculed, and generally looked down on.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Orcs are hated by almost all civilized races, generally viewed as either too savage or too stupid to integrate. They can sometimes be unwittingly used as pawns by smarter monstrous races (Such as vampires, mind flayers, or demons).   They will occasionally welcome the company of Goblins, a race of which cowers at the Orc, serving to feed into their ego.   Otherwise, if they do form alliances is mostly based on need and convenience rather than an acquired taste for one another.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo Efferatus
40-50 years
Average Physique
Orcs are renowned for their brutish strength, often displayed in their hulking bodies. Even females cast an intimidating shadow.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their skin is anywhere between a light green and a dark, muddy brown. Rarely one can be born with pale, ashen skin or some other anomaly, but this is quite uncommon. Their skin is resistant to tanning or growing more pale naturally.
Dietary Needs

Orcs eat, almost exclusively, meat, and even have a stomach able to consume meat raw, even though they prefer it cooked. They are not known for their recipes, as some more 'gourmet' meals can be described as just cooked meat, but slapped once with some interesting tasting dirt.


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