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Eos - Goddess of Death

The Goddess of Death

The goddess of Death and younger sister to Ciel - Goddess of Life. Despite being younger, her cool, collected, and rational tendencies, as well as older looks, give off the impression she is the elder sister. She was created by the Entities as a means to help ease all things to their inevitable end.   Personality wise she is cold, aloof, and seemingly uncaring...Necessary for an ultimate being that should not discriminate against what lives or dies. This allows her to distance herself even from her followers, if but to avoid any favoritism or the potential to bargain with death.   To ensure her choices are not swayed, her sight is dimmed, unable to make out people or creatures, and instead can only see their souls. It is because of this she is unable to recognize the undead, which is why they are able to exist without her properly reaping their form and intervening on their mockery of life.   Because death is terrifying in its own right, the community is very polarized in how to view Eos. Some view her as a hideous ghoul of a woman, skulking in the night to steal the souls of those dear. Others view her as a merciful saint, draped in soft robes, sweetly embracing the ill and easing their misery into the sweet release of death. Most of the populace is unaware of Essence and how it works, and those that might know of it, are only able to scrape the surface...Because of this ignorance, most also view her as the eternal judge, deciding where people go in the afterlife.   She was the original ruler of the Realm of Dark until she tricked Azox - God of Destruction into the role (As can be read here. )   Commonly worshiped by: Doctors, Morticians, Gravediggers, Judges

Divine Domains

Death, Repose, Magic, Darkness   Subdomain: Souls, Loss, Rites

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Divine Symbol: Two hands softly clasping the base of a wilting calla lily.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Quiet, peaceful deaths
  • Ceremonies to mourn the deceased
  • Undeath
  • Burial/Death desecration
Divine Classification
Glassy, pure white, seemingly blind
Dark, thin, and often hidden under a veil
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale and gaunt as if to mimic a corpse

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
13 May, 2019 23:57

Ok more somber now. I like that u depict death as female. It's pretty common butni still love to see it. I also like the aloof nature she has. Something I notice with these gods is they are a tad bit unfinished, which is fine as we've discussed the way you build. The reason I bring it up is because I'd love to see individual legends and myths these gods have and particularly how they work together.

14 May, 2019 00:01

They're incredibly unfinished and I dislike releasing them in this state, but it's important that I do, and then come back to them.

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
14 May, 2019 00:50

Thats no problem at all. it was more a desire for more.