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Azox - God of Destruction

Azox is a giant, ebony, serpentine dragon said to exist in darkness, bringing grand destruction and ruination to people and kingdoms alike. Feared by many and hailed by few, he is often cited for all the wrong in the world. Doomsayers will find comfort and merit in Azox, often praising him in hopes of utter destruction of Ayn. Unlike other evil deities such as Globboz - God of Disease, who wants to see the world submit to filth and disease, and Lady Lyshara - Goddess of Oppression who would rather enslave and submit everyone to misery, Azox seems to only value destruction and tearing it all down.
  Oft the antagonist in many tales, one of the most famous depictions is his giant, serpentine-esque body and the darkness that generally surrounds him, in a hostile stance against Solisius - God of the Sun, who, draped in a small circle of light, seems small and outdone in comparison. For those who value good and heroism, Solisius - God of the Sun, appears to be a hero rising to the call. Otherwise, those who favor Azox see this as the moment before all Good is collapsed. He has been cited to have fought other Gods, even neutral deities and some Evil ones when challenged. Artists often seem at odds on how to properly portray him and his terrible majesty...Some grant him wings, others maintain his long and snake like form. Some paint him with more spikes, others sleek and coiled. Regardless, one thing artists can agree on is his grand malevolence and horrifying power.   Unlike Auresia - Goddess of Wealth, he is not given a human form. Many agree he is terrifying as he is.
  He seems to collect many titles, from believers or otherwise. Included are: Master of Terror, Lord of Darkness, Grand Evil, Prime Evil, Hatred Incarnate, World Eater, Master of Disaster, and many more.   Commonly worshiped by: Cultists, Monsters capable of worship.

Divine Domains

Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Madness   Subdomains: Catastrophe, Nightmare, Entropy, Hatred

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Divine Symbol: A front facing, menacing dragon with curled horns and a small diamond between them.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Destruction
  • Conflict
  • Aberrations/Monsters
  • Peace
  • Humanoids
Divine Classification
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Dark red and menacing
Quotes & Catchphrases
All that you've ever loved will be trampled, torched, and consumed!
Ruled Locations


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
31 May, 2019 20:32

Excellence as always. I never expect less. Your details are nice, writing is fluid, and i really like the narrative flow it has when giving the information. Art is on point and really allows me to get the image in my mind of this darkness and the dragon within it. A minor suggestion: sepentine-esque is kind of a double ish, if you catch my meaning. Sepentine already means snake like or snake-ish. Adding the esque kind of repeats that. Snakeish-ish? Lol its a super minor thing but a suggestion I can offer!   I like the subdomains, abd in curious how subdomains work in your worlds mythos.