Axora Aldenia Timeline Timeline

Aldenia Timeline

Before Cataclysm End


  • -10 BCE

    -1 BCE


    The Cataclysm Wars
    Disaster / Destruction

    A period of years where forces of evil banded together and caused unimaginable destruction across the land. Whilst eventually thwarted, Aldenia still bears the scars of these dark years. Cataclysm Wars Timeline

  • -9 BCE


    The Rise of Vaedrin
    Disaster / Destruction

    When the Lich King Vaedrin was brought into this world.

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  • -9 BCE

    13 /9

    Assault on Sanmire's Estate
    Military action

    The Dawn's Guard assault the estate of the Vampire Lord, Sanmire.

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  • -2 BCE


    Mohzall's Awakening
    Disaster / Destruction

    When the Council of Nine succeeded in bringing Mohzall into this realm.

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  • -1 BCE


    Dreadfang's Demise
    Life, Death

    The great black dragon was finally defeated.

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  • -1 BCE


    Mohzall's Imprisonment
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The Shatterer was banished to the Earth plane at last.

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  • -1 BCE


    The Dark Council's End
    Life, Death

    The forces of good manage to defeat the Dark Council once and for all...?

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Post Cataclysm

0 BCE and beyond

  • 1 PC

    1 /1

    Post Cataclysm Begins
    Era beginning/end

    The start of the current era of Aldenia's time.

  • 542 PC

    4 /3

    Birth of King Rowun
    Life, Birth

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    Rowun Morvell
  • 562 PC

    15 /7

    Marriage of King Rowun

    The day he married the now Queen, Clara.

  • 577 PC

    8 /3

    Ascension of King Rowun
    Life, Milestone

    The day he inherited the throne.