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The Stormbringer

When you sail past the Eastern Isle and all you see are the churning waters that surround it, with massive waves slamming into each other. You can't help but wonder if there's truth to stories of the Stormbringer that supposedly lurks beneath those waters.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer

Origins of the Myth

When Mohzall broke off the portion that is now The Eastern Isle, it created a pass of water between the mainland and the new island. In the early days, it was almost natural for the waters to be choppy. Days passed, months passed, years passed and the waters that surrounded the Eastern Isle remained stormy. Now, in 584PC, this phenomenon is completely regarded as unnatural. What is causing it remains the key question. For some, it's a curse, others an ancient artefact.   However, for most, they believe it to be an entity living in the depths of the Eastern Channel referred to as 'The Stormbringer'  

The Many Faces of the Stormbringer

Since the Stormbringer only lives in the imaginations of the people who believe of its existence, there is no definite image of what the Stormbringer is. The most common concept is that of an enormous squid-like being, possibly miles in length. Others believe the Stormbringer is an immense sea serpent and it's the serpent's movements across the seafloor that cause the waves on the surface.   Another fantastical idea is the Stormbringer is a monstrous crab with giant claws that snatch unsuspecting prey from the surface whilst staying glued to the seafloor itself, such is the size of the beast. Essentially, if there's a remotely aggressive sea creature, someone somewhere has thought the Stormbringer is an oversized version of that creature. Even porpoise has at one point entered the minds of people as the Stormbringer, with electrical powers channelled through its horn.   What all the iterations of the Stormbringer share, though, is the control over the waters in its habitat. It is the one creating the chaos on the surface. It is creating the storm that catches unfortunate or idiotic sailors that sail into its territory as a trap for it to take down its prey and consume them. No one who has entered those waters has ever come out.


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