Primal Dragons

The people of Aldenia found out in the worst way imaginable that the Primal Dragons were, in fact, not a myth as Mohzall reigned death and destruction across the continent.
— Shagrax Niron, Dragonborn historian & author of Dragons Throughout History

A Mythical Ancient Race

Tens of thousands of years ago, the world was a place of raw power and primal energy, never quite settling and constantly changing. It was a time when incredibly powerful beings supposedly morphed the landscape at will. Some even say the Gods walked the lands during this time. One of those sets of beings were the Primal Dragons.   Very little documentation exists about the Primal Age, it is widely accepted by scholars that at some point following the birth of civilisation as it currently stands, any information about the Primal Age was purged, and the knowledge of Primal Dragons with it. As such, word of these beings only exists in stories, passed down over the many generations that followed.   Dragons in general, whilst rare, appeared frequently enough over the years to maintain their presence as a living, real, entity. The Primal Dragons, however, were relegated to mere myth. Beings capable of shaping the landscape in seconds, with power that could rival the Gods themselves? They couldn't possibly be real.  

A Devastating Truth

The last major act from The Council of Nine during the Cataclysmic Wars was releasing Mohzall from the Earth Plane. Aldenia found out very quickly that the Primal Dragon was a very real creature. Mohzall annihilated the island of Soloon and ripped an entire section of eastern Aldenia from the mainland before he was reimprisoned into the Earth Plane once more. No being in recorded history is responsible for more deaths per day they were active.  

The Primal Dragons

With Mohzall's appearance, society had to accept that if one type of Primal Dragon exists, then all four of the rumoured Primal Dragons must do. Primal Dragons seek only destruction, they wish to destroy all life and claim the world as their own. They do not care for servants, they are not vain in that sense like other dragons. Their vainness is literally more primal, they wish to be the most powerful and will show the world their strength as much and as often as possible.  
Earthquake Dragon
The Earthquake Dragon, of which Mohzall was an example of, are the only kind of Primal Dragon that current society has an accurately recorded appearance of, unfortunately for the world. The Earthquake Dragon appears as if was born of the mountains themselves, its scales are rock and from the top of its forelimbs large pillars of stone protrude. If a mountain could look angry, that's the closest one could define the sheer immensity of this kind of Dragon. The myths held the belief that the Earthquake Dragons held the shortest of tempers. Like their namesake, they were unpredictable in their outbursts and would destroy whatever they felt like and nothing could physically stop them from doing so.  
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Tornado Dragon
Rumours say the Tornado Dragon appears like a solid mass of constantly swirling winds in the form of a dragon. It was unclear whether there was a solid form within. The Tornado Dragon apparently was incapable of staying still for long and its primal impulses forced it to keep moving as much as possible, wreaking havoc and destruction until it burnt itself out of energy, at which point they would return to their lairs to recuperate. Their lairs would typically be outside, unlike most dragons and they did not enjoy being in confined spaces.  
Tempest Dragon
Much like the Tornado Dragon, there was the possibility the Tempest Dragon does not have a solid form as it was formed of a masses churning waves in the shape of a dragon. Whilst they were mostly content to let the lands be ravaged by their Primal brethren and mostly forced their wrath upon the oceans, the Tempest Dragon could breach the land and supposedly appears like a moving ferocious rainstorm. They were also supposedly the most sadistic of the Primal Dragons. Whilst the others were dedicated to wanton destruction, Tempest Dragons took enjoyment out of torturing the living, drowning them slowly and as painfully as possible.  
Volcanic Dragon
Volcanic Dragons harboured constant simmering anger, like the churning magma within their forms. Like their Earthquake brethren, who held the appearance of mobile mountains, the Volcanic Dragon took the form of a sentient volcano. Dark rock scales were separated by bright lava seams that would blaze brighter when the Dragon was experiencing pure rage. It was said the Volcanic Dragon actually held the most thought behind their destruction, that it felt that it was their righteous mission to eliminate all life.  


With the reveal that Primal Dragons are real, efforts to maintain the barriers between the plans have increased exponentially. Whilst excursions into the Elemental Planes were already forbidden prior to this knowledge, this mindset has only strengthened since. Even without the Primal Dragons, the world feared the power held in those Planes. Knowing that these monstrous beasts also lurk there just provided another reason to forbid travel there.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Unknown, presumed to be similar or longer than regular dragons.


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