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Obskarv is a small mining town in the Undrelm. Obskarv Stronghold, located on the outskirts there, was the residence of Undwarf Prince Kudrugg Stoneback, before his death.


Obskarv was previously ruled over with an iron fist by Prince Kudrugg Stoneback. Following his death during the uprising spearheaded by topsiders, Obskarv is now governed by a small town council.


The main worship in Obskarv is to Dugarth, the god of the underground and mining, naturally. Grommog, the god of Dwarves is not especially worshipped to by the Undwarves.


Aesthetically, the architecture of Obskarv would be best described as basic and functional. Obskarv Stronghold was designed to incite fear against oncomers but held details and far more effort in its designed than any of the town did.

Geography & Climate

A natural magma river that acts as a moat for Obskarv Stronghold, continues around the edge of town. Between that and exposed thermal vents in the minues, Obskarv remains warm all year round, not that sees sunlight in the Undrelm to observe seasons.


Obskarv is more mining focused than agriculture focused, but they do harvest various mosses and Undrelm dwelling plants of nutrional value. There are also residents who are experienced fishers who utilise the nearby lake.


  • 70% Undwarf
  • 15% Undgnome
  • 10% Undelf
  • 5% Other Undrelm dwelling sentient species



Obskarv was founded as a mining outpost, that grew into a mining town for the Undwarf Empire. In 584PC, the residents of Obskarv rose up against their tyrannical leader, having be spurred into action by topsiders who had been captured by the Prince and broken out by a topsider adventuring party.   The resulting uprising ended up with the deaths of Kudrugg Stoneback and his wife Ezen and the mining town was freed from the obscenely harsh working conditions they were subjected to under his reign.
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