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Essina may have the most storied history of any of the gods we worship.
— Allegra Nightwell, historian and High Priestess


Essina is typically depicted as a young-ish woman with long white hair. She wears a white and light-blue dress, with blue gem jewellery adorning her.  


Essina is the goddess of air and the wind. However, she has gained the moniker Goddess of Winter, as she uses the cold winds primarily in the stories. The title also comes during an unfortunate period, which is attributed to her, in the history of the world known as the Ten Year Winter.  


Primal Age

According to the legends, Essina was one of the four elemental gods, along with Armon, Tidor and Vulkarna. Once the world was formed and the gods started to create life, Vulkarna started to feel like she was going to become redundant or at the very least, forgotten. As the goddess of fire, what purpose did she serve any more? Vulkarna wanted to challenge the gods and become a leader amongst them. The gods, as far as the stories go, do not have a hierarchy amongst themselves, so this would have been a major change. Vulkarna rallied Essina and Tidor to her side. Out of the four, only Armon did not partake in this uprising. The three upstart gods used their elemental creations, including the Primal Dragons, to wreak havoc on the land in an attempt to control the world for themselves.   However, at some point during this feud, Essina met Alios, the god of light, and they fell in love. Essina's allegiance swapped and she managed to bring Tidor over some time later. Vulkarna was furious but alone. As a result, she was easily defeated and then banished. People say she's trapped under the world and occasionally her fury manages to break through to the surface, and that's what volcanoes are.  

The Ten Year Winter

No one is quite sure what caused the Ten Year Winter, but the common story is that it was Essina's doing. The main agreement amongst the tales is that Alios, Essina's beloved, was captured by an evil force. Some say it was one of the devils, the gods' counterparts, whilst some say it was Vulkarna as vengeance for Essina's betrayal. Essina, without Alios' influence and fueled by anger, took that anger out on the world. Axora suffered ten years of lower temperatures and whilst not all of the world froze, the impact was disastrous for farming in particular. Food stores dwindled and people began to starve. Alios was rescued and once reunited, managed to calm Essina down, thus ending the frosty grip she held over the world. However, this event ended the Age of Conflict as warring factions suddenly had to band together and share resources and methods of survival in order to all stay alive.

Divine Domains

Air, Wind, Cold

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Symmetrical six-pointed snowflake.
Divine Classification
Goddess of Winter


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