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Woodland of Falið

If I didn't know beforehand that something was here I would have easily missed it. I'm just surprised that the inhabitants of Falið had talked to me at all let alone allowing me to stay in one of their great tree houses for a few nights.
— Phidi Strideheart, Traveler


  Falið is a secretive forest town located on the Continental Island of Dammerung. It does not get many visitors, but those who have recorded their observations tell of an entire town built among the tops of the great Kastala Tree of the Hár Forest. This forest lies north of the northern shore of the Western Occulus Gate.  

Land, not Town

The inhabitants of Falið, the Faliðians, describe their settlement as their "land" and not their "town". Faliðians seem to view themselves as being merely a part of the Hár Forest and as such need to exercise care when interacting with any other part of the forest. This has also led to a sense of responsibility for the forest's defense against any unwanted intruders. This is especially the case with any that who mean to use an axe against any of the Kastala Trees as well as those looking to unjustifiably hunt animals.  

Tree Houses

They say that no one has made better tree houses than those in Falið. This is apparent in how well disguised they are within the rich canopy of the Kastala tree despite their large size and ornate designs. Those who know not of who lives within the Hár Forest could travel through it without realizing that they walked right under a prosperous town. That's assuming that said travelers have avoided committing any reprehensible acts during their passage.  

  If only I could share all that I saw in that woodland. However, I will not tell of it. It is less that I was forced to keep their secrets as a condition of leaving them and more that I understand why some secrets should be kept.
— Phidi Strideheart, Traveler


  For reasons they have yet to divulge in detail, Faliðns keep the details of their daily lives and indeed the full extent of their town a secret from outsiders. This has spawned some theory crafting among many. Some of these theories are conspiratorial in nature, that Falið may be the seat of a vast secret order that seeks to control world affairs. Other theories claim that Falið holds a secret that the Faliðians are guarding jealously. Some have thus called the place "Hidden Tree-Town", even though the location is not exactly a secret.   What is known for sure, is that when one is granted entry into the town they are given guest quarters and are restricted from traveling to certain wards of the city. In particular, those wards that lie towards the heart of the forest, where the trees are tallest and richest, are off limits to outsiders. They also do not readily share what they know of world events. They could know very little, or they could know a great deal.  

Growing Ties with the Queendom of Lunaria

  It is rumored that the Queendom of Lunaria has been growing diplomatic relations with Falið. Perhaps the Queendom sees the need to secure friendly terms with the Faliðians in order to increase their hold of the Western Occulus Gate. Perhaps Falið sees the potential threat the Kingdom of Helia presents to them and wish to ally themselves with a less aggressive country. Perhaps it is a mixture of both.   Neither party involved has publicly confirmed where relations stand with one another.

Alternative Name(s)
Hidden Tree-Town
10000 maybe
Inhabitant Demonym

Known Assets

  • Blacksmiths
  • Bakeries
  • Textiles
  • Jewelers
  • Hunters
  • Gardening Guilds

Known Demographics

  • Elves - 50%
  • Fauns - 15%
  • Satyrs - 14%
  • Gnomes - 10%
  • Hin - 6%
  • Other - 5%

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  Has anyone here been to Falið? - Archivist Enna    I stayed their before. It was illuminating, though I swore to keep most of what I saw in confidence. - Archivist Taenya    I stayed their a night too. Well, half a night. - Archivist Bob    Did they kick you out? - Archivist Enna   Yeah. - Archivist Bob   For what? It couldn't have been that serious if they let you leave. - Archivist Enna   I swore to keep that in confidence. - Archivist Bob

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Ooh, I really like the aesthetics of this world! I can absolutely picture the tree-town. And so mysterious! I really enjoy it; it makes me want to explore more of this world. I might at some point!

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