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Maiden of Ash

Trianfa Keratus was a firebender from the island of Keranio, descendant of Keratus Kranío , daughter of Statki Keratus, born into royalty raised to be a princess. She was a master firebender, having blue flames like her father, and the first in the dynasty to be able to bend lightning, she was the Commander of the Royal Dragon Riders . Trianfa died in battle, being fallen from her dragon and overrun by an invading force just outside the palace, she ordered her Riders to direct all fire to her, which she was able to redirect into a surrounding enemy force, however she knew this to be a suicidal form and by the end of it only ashes remained on the field. She is a national hero, her death being a day of national mourning and religious pilgrimage. She is Known as Commander Trianfa “The Lightning” Keratus and as the “Maiden of Ash”.

Historical Basis

This Legend is based on the Battle for XXXX, a well-documented event that occured during the Gi Kingdom Invasions of Kerazesk and Ifasteio. The Maiden of Ash, is the epithet for the, then princess of the Kingdom of Kerazesk , Trianfa Keratus.
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Mar 17, 2019 13:52

Interesting but a little bit too short. Maybe a little bit more about her life before the battle and how she is remembered beside being a national hero (more specific)

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Mar 17, 2019 16:07 by Thomas Ferreira

This is just the start. Still figuring things out. but be sure to check for updates :)