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Keratus Dinasty

The Keratus Dinasty is one of the two Royal Families of Kingdom of Spakov, and whom the title of King/Queen of the Flaming Dragons is bestowed upon. It is the oldest traceable lineage in the Kingdom of Spakov with nearly a thousand years of history.


The family is led in accordance of primogeniture, with the first born becoming the next King or Queen of Flaming Dragons. He then chooses members of the family to represent him in all the businesses the family is involved as a King cannot be directly involved in other affairs. Commonly brothers and children who are not the direct heir are chosen.

Public Agenda

As Kings and Queens of Spakov their first and for-most goal is to assure prosperity and security to the Kingdom. However, members of the family who are not ruler or heir tend to have various different agendas mostly in terms of furthering their power in the Kingdom, be it either via the military, where many have had great success, or trade, since the family owns some of the largest mines and forgeries in the Kingdom.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Flaming Dragons; Kéranío Flames
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

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Articles under Keratus Dinasty

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  • 2479 A.A.B.

    13 /6

    Birth of Keratus Kranío
    Life, Birth

    The date in which Keratus Kranío is believed to have been born.

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    Keratus Kranío
  • 2526 A.A.B.

    16 /3

    Death of Keratus Kranío
    Life, Death

    The date in which Keratus Kranío died under the flames of Dragons

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    Keratus Kranío
  • 2689 A.A.B.

    5 /2

    Birth of Paterá
    Life, Birth

    Date of Birht of Paterá Keratus

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    Paterá Keratus
  • 2716 A.A.B.

    24 /4
    2717 A.A.B.

    13 /2

    Conquering of Zeskazáni
    Military action

    The date of the War of the Conquering of Zeskazáni by Paterá Keratus.

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    Paterá Keratus
  • 2731 A.A.B.

    3 /12

    Death of Paterá
    Life, Death

    The date in which Paterá Keratus died of natural causes.

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    Paterá Keratus
  • 3421 A.A.B.

    16 /3

    Birth of Arkéta Keratus
    Life, Birth

    In this date Princess Arkéta was born.

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    Arkéta Keratus


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