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The Consortium

The Consortium is a secret legendary repository of knowledge. Home to the grandest library in all the realm, thought by most to be lost to the ages. Few know of its location or that it even exists. Within its halls lie vast amounts of knowledge from all across the realm and beyond. While not inherently a religious organization, its members are typically followers or Epiphius God of Knowledge.


Knowledge is considered sacred, its preservation is of utmost importance.

Public Agenda

To chronicle, record, and preserve all the history and knowledge of the realm and beyond.


Home to the grandest library in all of Aurelimoore.


Founded as a research bastion among a group of individuals, whom sought to preserve the knowledge of the realm and chronicle its history. These individuals whose names have been lost to time began to amass any and all knowledge they could, from wherever they could. Working with local craft and tradesmen, they commissioned the construction of an archive to house their amassed knowledge and tomes. Sequestered high in the mountains where few would dare to travel bringing their political biases with them.   Over time the commissioned mages to enchant portions of the archives to open up extra dimensional spaces allowing for more knowledge to be stored within the Consortium. Additionally those mages created an antechamber that would act as a hub for various portals, allowing its members easy access into the realm to replenish their stores, while providing them with a place to return to.


Though there is not an outright military force present there are magical guardians of the Consortium, as well as members who art practiced in the art of combat. Though he tries to maintain his peacefulness Thraben is a very capable warrior and will not hesitate to defend what he has been charged with protecting.

Technological Level

There are technologies within the halls of the Consortium that are highly advanced, from around the realm and across the planes of existence. Some would even say that some of those technologies should not exist, in that they extend beyond what normal and magical means.


While there is no direct religion associated with the Consortium, there are shrines to many of the deities of the realm. The most prominent of these shrines is to Epiphius God of Knowledge.


The majority of members have devoted the entirety of their lives to building and protecting the stores of knowledge contained within the Consortium. Those who are lost yet have a thirst for knowledge find their way to its hallowed halls to join the ranks of the Consortium and continue learning about the realm and beyond.

Consortium Members

Thraben Chronicler of the Realm
Loremaster Helartha Nerileth
Archivist Keyvyre Caijor
Archivist Durlan Wysaxalim
Archivist Ondrath Flintforge
Scribe Vicar Ansgot
Scribe Alexia Fairgrave
Scribe Gilroy Vizorune
Acolyte Vesh Nahere
Founding Date
1372 BF
Consortium, Research
Archivist, Consort


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