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Thraben Skkärasún Chronicler of the Realms

Chronicler of the Realms Skkärasún (a.k.a. Thraben, Skkäras)

Thraben Skkärasún is a Goliath who was not born in this realm, he is from a far off realm from another plane, in another time. His tribe were mountain dwelling warriors, though Skkäras took exceptional interest in their elder seer and his runes. Spending every opportunity he could observing the seer and studying his runes and how to read them. Skkäras' father Garok Stormfrightener saw his son's interest in the runes and his lack of interest in combat and grew furious, for his father was a great warrior and chieftain and Skkäras should follow in his footsteps.

As Garok Stormfrightener's anger grew and boiled over he grabbed his son by the back of his neck and hauling him up to look him in the eyes. With the rage burning intently, Garok Stormfrightener growled "No son of mine will be a rune reading whelp. You'll prove your worth or you'll die alone." With that Garok thrust his hand out and hurled Skkäras over the cliff edge to the wilds beyond. Calling down after him, "Prove your worth, survive and return with scars and a great trophy, or don't return at all."

Falling and crashing through the trees below, Skkäras crumpled to the ground in a heap. As the snow fell around him and gently covered him, the dark overcame him and he fell into unconsciousness. After three days, Skkäras awoke covered in a layer of ice and snow. Finding his way to his feet, he stumbled off into the surrounding forest. Looking up he saw that the sun was close to setting and the chill was setting into his bones. Trudging forth he found a cave, but before entering he went to a nearby tree and snapped off a branch to make a spear. Stepping into the cave and finding no immediate danger he built a fire and began further constructing his spear.   Some hours later as he lay near his fire to get some rest, he heard the sound of an approaching bear. This must be the bear's cave he thought and quickly snuffed out the fire. As the bear entered he pressed himself against the wall and waited for it to pass him. With the bear beyond him within the cave, Skkäras dove forward thrusting his spear deep into the bears eye. As the bear thrashed the spear shaft snapped and it let out a deafening roar shaking loose some of the icicles above. Snatching one up to further brandish as a weapon, Skkäras again dove further driving the icicle into its flank. As it stepped back it hit the smoldering embers of his fire and its fur ignited, in its confused thrashing he grabbed a jagged shard of rock at swung it savagely int the beast throat. Splitting the tender flesh and spilling its lifeblood out its throat, the beast staggered back and fell against the far side of the smothering the flames as it bled out.   With the beast felled, he reignited his fire and set about skinning and preparing his kill. Cooking a portion of the meat of the fire he tore at it hungrily, and fashioned a cloak from the blood charred hide. As morning came bringing the light of daybreak, he further explored the cave. Within he found the skeleton of a humanoid with a large sheathed bastard sword buried under the snow and rubble of the cave. Picking up the discarded blade he carefully removed it from its scabbard, drawing it out ever so slowly. There emblazoned upon the blade were runes and he knew this was meant for him to find. This would be the blade he wielded until his last days. Also amongst the ruins of the corpse he found a book with words and symbols he did not know, however he did recognize some of the runes contained within. Knowing that the book may prove useful at a later date he stowed it away to take with him as well.   Breaking his fast on more of the bear, he contemplated his next course of action as he sat by the fire cloaked in the flesh of his kill. As he sat cross-legged with the blade across his hands, he intently focused on the runes and the power contained within them. Through his focus the runes began to glow and he could feel the blade becoming one with him, it is then that he knew what he must do. He must not yet return to his people, he was not strong enough for that yet, and so he left the cave and set out into the wilds in search of answers.   Roving the wilds, Skkäras began to intensify his training, climbing up the mountains, swimming the lakes, lifting rocks, anything really to improve his physique for the next several years. Everyday he tried to further understand what was written in the book. He continued to observe the world around him and started putting together a journal of his own in the limited writings he knew. Traversing the mountains and wilderness, he came across a tower concealed deep within a valley surrounded by fog. It almost looked as if it appeared from the fog or was perhaps sitting atop it. Plotting his course down the cliff face and into the valley he made his way towards the tower.   As he approached and the fog broke a bit allowing to see more of the base of the structure, the runes etched into the stones were very evident and upon seeing them a smile broke his lips. Approaching the tower, he placed a meaty hand on the door and felt the coldness within. A bit disheartened by this he rapped intently on the door and waited. After a few moments he rapped again, noticing an owl sitting on a nearby branch watching him. Calling out to it, it spread its wings and took flight. Watching it fly, he saw it loop around the tower and drift into an open window further up the tower. With a raised eyebrow at this he rapped once more, only this time the door creaked open as he did.   Stepping inside he grunted out, "Hello... Anyone here?"   "Aye, welcome to my tower. Who are you large one?" A melodic voice called from the shadows further inside.   Looking around he caught a glimpse of a torch, and stepped forward to grab it. As he extended his grasp the torch blazoned to life with a blue flame. "Skkäras" he answered, "How did you do that?"   "I can do a great many things." The voice returned. "I have been watching you Skkäras. I believe we can help each other." The voice answered.   "Where are you? What do you mean you've been watching me?" Skkäras roared angrily.   Looking around he saw movement, a hand made a gesture and as it did, a pale blue light followed it in the shape of a rune. With the clap of hands the pale blue light flashed and the blue flame of the torch jumped to other torches illuminating the interior. Standing midway up a spiral stone stairway was a beautiful female Elf, pale skin, long white hair, in deep sapphire blue robes stitched with various runes. A jewel staff strapped to her back. "Why I'm right here, and as I've said I've been watching you my large friend." He answered.   Anger in his eyes Skkäras started stomping forward towards the stairs. At this the elf woman cocked her brow raised her hand and moved her figures in various runic gestures. Skkäras' body froze, rose into the air and slowly spun, suspended ever so slightly. "You come into my home, and threaten me? How very rude. As I said, we can help each other my dear Skkäras." Quipped the Elf.   "What can I help you with? I don't even know your name." Grumbled Skkäras.   "Well Skkäras, as it is I need an apprentice, and you need training. I can teach you about the runes and to use their arcane nature. I am not getting any younger and I need to pass along my knowledge." Pausing for several seconds to allow what he had said to sink in, he continued, "What say you Skkäras shall I teach you?"   "You wish to teach me?" he asked dumbfounded by all this.   "I do. You have already shown an aptitude for the runes, as you've been studying my journal. Have you mastered what any of them can do as of yet?"   "Only this..." he replied moving his fingers about this way and that, setting off a flare from his hand temporarily blinding them both. The momentary distraction caused the elf woman's spell to drop allowing Skkäras to fall to the floor landing softly in a crouch.   "Most impressive, you are quite apt at the runes though you have much still to learn." At this moment the Elf touched a small rune covered piece of parchment and it turned into the owl whom had been watching him, it flew forward and perched itself on Skkäras' shoulder staring at him with its large unblinking eyes. A moment pass and he looked to the elf and said, "Teach me."   "Very well, you first lesson is that my name is Ildilyntra Beitumal. Follow me young Skkäras." She said with a smile as she turned and strode up the stairs.   For the next several months she taught him not only to read the runes and harness their magics, but she taught him languages. As time passed Skkäras grew more and more fond of Ildilyntra, as he rested he looked forward to continuing their time together. In a matter of a year he managed to learn two languages in addition to various spells and runic magics. Ildilyntra taught him about the planes and that there are magics in the world that allow individuals to cross over from plane to plane, but these magics are very rare and if in the wrong hands could be a devastating power. These magics peaked his interest, and he filed them away for later. Their bond continued to grow on an intimate level, Skkäras realized how much he had grown to love Ildilyntra and hoped that the feeling was mutual. He decided that he would set out to find a trinket to present to her, to show her how much he had come to love her.   They had said their temporary goodbyes and he set out to find a prize worthy of her. Traversing the wilds he encountered a great many dangers and had earned a great many scars defending himself with his blade and his magics. Venturing further out into the unknown Skkäras came across a clan of fellow Goliaths. Peering further he recognized them as members of the clan that his father had cast him out of, he felt his anger and rage swell. Striding forth with no attempts to conceal his massive stature, Skkäras entered the camp. As he entered many stared and squinted trying to determine whom this bold lone Goliath was. The elder seer whom Skkäras had always been so fond of was the one to recognize him. Greeting him with a clasping of forearms and a nod, never speaking a word.   A brutish Goliath approached, questioning Skkäras, "Who are you? Why have you so brazenly entered our camp?"   With but a glance Skkäras looked him up and down, not recognizing him he retorted, "You know not who I am, I know not who you are. I am here for Garok Stormfrightener." With that all got silent and stared at the newcomer, piecing it together and realizing who he was with an audible gasp.   "Who are you to come here demanding to speak to our chieftain?" The brutish Goliath howled.   Looking over the whelps shoulder Skkäras saw his father exit a tent and stare at him. "I am Skkäras Son of Garok Stormfrightener returned from exile!" Skkäras stood staring intently as his father approached. "Father I have returned with the scars and prize you told me to seek."   Looking him up and down as he circled Garok said, "You are much to large to be the whelp that was my son. He died by my hand when i threw him from the cliff to the frozen earth below." With blatant disgust he spat at Skkäras' feet and said "Get Out!"   Grasping the hilt of his blade and slowly drawing it forth from its scabbard on his back Skkäras replied, "No Father. I will not leave without my challenge being answered." Leveling his extended blade towards Garok, "I challenge you for control of the clan."   "You dare challenge me boy?" He roared.   "Form the circle!" yelled Skkäras, and so they did. 'Fetch my blade, so I can deal with this insolent child." Garok hissed through clenched teeth.   Blades drawn they raged back and forth, Skkäras using the magic of his runes to gain the advantage.

Physical Description

Body Features

Grey skin with a blue hue to it, ascribed with a lattice work of tribal and runic tattoos.

Facial Features

Black beard streaked with gray.

Identifying Characteristics

Tribal tattoos on back of skull. Runic tattoos covering large portions of his body. Seldom seen without his rune adorned plate mail armor.

Special abilities


Apparel & Accessories

Rune covered adamantine plate mail masterfully interwoven through scholarly robes. A large bastard sword inlayed with various arcane runes can generally be seen strapped to his large back or at least nearby.

Specialized Equipment

In possession of the Quill of the Archivist.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Skkäras returned to mythril hall to continue his training to be a master runeforger. Throughout his time in mythril hall he became a noteable runforger. Seeking to further his knowledge after completing his training he headed out into the surrounding area where he encountered a scholar. This scholar hired Skkarr to delve into some nearby ruins to retrieve a tome from the library inside said ruins. In return the scholar would pay him with a portable hole to house his evergrowing library. While in the ruins Skkarr encountered a witch who tried to enchant him. After a long intense battle, he was able to dispatch the witch and locate the tome. Additionally he was able to recover several volumes of various tomes and scrolls for his own library. From the witch Skkarr recovered a set of vials a spell tome and a small pendant. After his Runeforging training and encounter with the witch Skkarr set out to return to his companions in the Thunder Company at their guild hall.


Thraben Skkärasún apprenticed with the love of his life Ildilyntra Beitumal.

Personality Characteristics


Thraben seeks to preserve knowledge, and protect those in need. Additionally, he secretly seeks a way to return his love Ildilyntra to the material plane ending her sapphire imprisonment and the torment she experiences within.

Wealth & Financial state

A vast library in a pocket dimension contained within the Consortium's halls. His prized possession is a large Sapphire in which the love of his life Ildilyntra is imprisoned within.
Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chronicler of the Realms
Current Residence
Within the Consortium
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey with a blue hue to it
312 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Giant, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial, Aquan, Sylvan, Undercommon, Orcish
Ildilyntra Beitumal love of Skkäras' life. Currently imprisoned with the sapphire in Skkäras' possession while he searches for the means to end her torment and free her.

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