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Reef Queen/King

The Tide is lead by whomever has the title Reef Queen/King. The Reef Queen/King rules from The Tide's stronghold at Darkreach.   When a ship of The Tide arrives on Darkreach they must declare the amount of their profits, and from that there is a tithe offer to the Reef Queen/King.


Should the current Reef Queen/King die a vote is put out among the captains of The Tide. On occasion a Reef Queen/King is killed and the throne is taken by force.


The Reef Queen/King holds the responsibility of maintaining a basic system of law and order amongst The Tide's members. In the event of a major dispute between two or more Tide members pertaining to the breaking of the law, their case is brought before the Reef Queen/King at which point the parties argue their cases and the Reef Queen/King makes judgement accordingly. If one party is found to be at fault, depending on the severity of the offense, the offending party may be sentenced to pay some form of restitution to the offended party or may even be put to death if the Reef Queen/King deems it suitable.


Around 167 FOS the pirate lord Selwyn 'Darkmane" Rischer overtook the isle of Calagos Reef, an important trading and repair stop in the Black Ocean. Having crowned himself 'Reef King' and changing the name of his island stronghold to Darkreach, Darkmane put out a call to the other eight pirate lords to come to his island for his formal coronation.   In 893 FOS the current Reef Queen Captain Thalia Viktra took her throne, after having killed the former King of the Reef Kenrich Roscoein.

Notable Holders

The previous Reef King was Kenrich Roscoein. The first Reef King was Selwyn 'Darkmane" Rischer.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Source of Authority
The members of The Tide
Current Holders
Related Locations
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