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Nuño is a Changeling whom acted as an assassin nearly a century ago. His last job was within the Wolf Howl Woods where ultimately he fell. Unbeknownst to him at the time deep within one of the thick, gnarled oaks lie a shard of both Liliose Goddess of Death's blade and a shard of Eidolon Goddess of Life's staff. Over time the roots of the tree grew over his corpse and encased him, while inside the magics of the shards imbued his corpse and reanimated him as a reborn.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Nuño carries a magical Blood Drinker Rapier that grows in power as it consumes the blood of its humanoid foes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nuño was an accomplished assassin over a century ago. His last job was to take down a noble-born whom was hiding out within the Wolf Howl Woods. After tracking his quarry for nearly a moon's turn, Nuño came across the nobles camp where he proceeded to watch his target for a few days learning the weaknesses of the camp. Nuño learned the guard's patrols and how best to get to his target. Making a plan to kill one of the guards and assume his form seemed like his best bet for easy infiltration. His plan went off without a hitch, and he made his way to the noble's personal tent where her drove the blade of his rapier through his targets heart. Nuño reverted to his true form before the noble died so that his face was the last thing they saw before his death, but what Nuño failed to realize until it was too late was this was an elaborate trap and he was the true target.   The target was merely an arcane decoy that once struck paralyzed Nuño. While in this paralyzed state a group of three entered the tent, drew their blades dripping with poison and struck. Multiple blades plunged into his chest depositing their toxins and with wild and confused eyes, Nuño stood bleeding out staring into his own face. His doppelganger quickly struck out with their dagger, slashing his throat before taking the rapier from his hand and driving it through Nuño's chest. The doppelganger then gently pushed Nuño back and let him fall to the ground where his life's blood spilled out and the forest could claim him.   Over time the forest did in fact claim him and vines and roots grew over his supine form and around the rapier protruding from his chest. Unbeknownst to Nuño and his attacker shards of the life and death from The Fall of Shards resided deep beneath him and over time imbued him with their magics returning him to some semblance of life.
780 FOS 823 FOS 43 years old
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned with a deathly palor
Known Languages
Nuño can read, write, and speak Common, Thieves Cant, Shadowglyphs,

Character Portrait image: by Shuchstudios_


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