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Gloomhollow is one of the key trade hubs of Aurelimoore. It is one of the easternmost major ports on the largest continent of Angimarr. Merchant vessels are a common sight in the Sea of Kensingisle, and along the various docks of the harbours.


Gloom hollow is made up of all manner of species, and has a wide variety of wealth, from the desolate impoverished to the wealthy "elite."


The city is surrounded by high stone walls with multiple guard stations throughout. An armada of warships are located in the harbour.

Industry & Trade

Gloomhollow is a major trade hub for the whole realm. Being the home of The Order of the Silver Sun ensures a steady stream of work for their order, dealing with demons, ghosts, undead, and all manner of creatures that go bump in the night.

Guilds and Factions

The most prominent faction within Gloomhollow is The Order of the Silver Sun who reside in their citadel.

Natural Resources

Gloomhollow is a port city, giving it access to all the bounty of the sea.
Gloomhollow Map
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