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Deradium Dagger of the Exarch

These daggers are forged from the rare ore Deradium, for the Exarchs of The Lonomia Court. These blades can only be forged by the Lunar Smiths within The Lunar Forge deep beneath the Dusk Spire Monastery. The blade undergoes a blood ritual that imbues it with additional magical properties, in addition to the ethereal nature the Deradium provides.   They appear to be a black metal blade, swirling with a turquoise honed to an ethereal razors edge. 5 blood runes glow along the center spine of these daggers. As a creature is killed by this blade a tally mark magically appears along the blade. High ranking Exarchs have been reported to have innumerable tally's on their blade. As more blood is spilled with this blade it grows stronger.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Requires Attunement.   +1 Tallying Dagger   Grants a +1 to attacks and damage rolls made with this weapon. A tally mark appears on the blade with every humanoid killed with the blade.   Critical hit scored on a 19 or 20.   + 1d8 damage added to your sneak attack damage.   When you make an attack with this dagger in dim light or darker, if you miss a target by 5 or less target must make a DC 17 Dexterity saving throw. On a fail the target takes the damage as the blade becomes ethereal bypassing the armor. On a success the attack still misses.   Over time these blade grow stronger as more blood is spilt with it. After 50+ humanoid kills it grows to a +2 blade and sneak attack boosts to + 1d10 and after 150+ humanoid kills it becomes a +3 blade and sneak attack boosts to + 2d10

Manufacturing process

Blood Rituals are performed after the blade has been forged and the inscribed blood runes grant the additional magical properties to the blade.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
1 Lb.
Raw materials & Components
Deradium Ore is used to forge the blade and the hilt is forged from bone and leather.


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