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Crown of the Mind Spire

Crafted by a long deceased arch-mage in the early days after The Fall of Shards. This crown of jagged bone is woven with amethyst gems and black iron. The bones appear to have a purplish hue about them.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Crown has 6 charges, which can be spent to cast the spell Mind Spike with a DC of 15. Additional charges can be spent to cast the spell at a higher level. Regains 1d4 spent charges at dawn. Casting time 1 action. Range 60 feet. Concentration up to 1 hour.

Cursed Item:
Once attuned the wearer's next sleep they dream of a lake burning with purple flames. The dreams progress becoming nightmares. Wearer becomes instinctively aware of the direction of the lake and must succeed a DC 15 Wis save or spend the day trying to reach the lake. Save must be made each day to prevent the condition progressing. Failing the save also grants disadvantage on Int & Wis rolls. To completely recover wearer must make 3 successful saves in a row. Failing a save progresses the condition. Failing 3 saves in a row wearer becomes maddened until they reach the lake. Upon reaching the lake they find that it is not blazing and take 1d6 Psychic damage for each day affected by the urges.   Remove curse removes atunement in addition to removing the curse.
Item type
Very Rare
Raw materials & Components
Jagged bones interwoven with amethyst and black iron.


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