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Creation of the world and gods

In the beginning, there was only Innos and his realm.   One day, Innos decided to build a new realm and called it the universe. The universe was cold, without light or matter so Innos decided to create a star, a large ball of fire to light and warm up the universe. He decided to build planets around the sun and moons around planets.   Innos liked what he had created but he was lonely so one day in his ultimate wisdom, he decided to create his two brothers: Adanos and Beliar. He created them and gave each of them a third of his power so that they may be his equals.  


Adanos saw Innos's universe and decided to build something with it. Adanos chose a planet which he named Aurasong around the sun and created large oceans, rivers and springs on it. With it he created the trees, birds, animals and intelligent creatures. Adanos was happy.       Beliar saw what Adanos had created and jealousy overcame him. He decided to build his own world, it was a world of black stone, a dark sky and without life. Beliar attempted to create life but the creatures that were made were abominations, unable to stay alive without his magic.   Looking at the success Adanos had at creating Aurasong, a terrible anger overcame him and Beliar linked his world with Aurasong. He twisted several creatues of Adanos into his own beings and started destroying and killing anything he could. Adanos fought back of course and succeeded at doing so.  

The flood

Beliar in his anger and frustration managed to successfully create an incredibly powerful being, far surpassing anything Adanos had created, it was a being so foul and terrible that Adanos had to call on a great flood to flush it into the ocean. With it, he flushed away trees, animals, birds and intelligent beings.   As Adanos saw what he had done, a great sadness came over him and he cried for many days.   Innos saw what had happened and was disappointed, he banished Beliar into Beliar's own realm. He then slowly restored many of the plants and creatures Adanos had flushed away and imbued them with souls of various kinds.   What Innos didn't realise was that Beliar still had his realm linked with Aurasong and as such continues terrorising the world. Adanos loves his brothers, even Beliar who had wronged him so decided to not intervene in anything his two brothers are doing.   Innos continually fights Beliar and his actions using the creations of Adanos by talking to them and guiding them in various way.   This is the story of the world and the gods that has been revealed to us thus far.

Variations & Mutation

There are some people that believe Beliar was never banished by Innos but the two are simply fighting each other using Aurasong and the beings within it like tools so that they do not have to use their godly power on one another as they do not truly hate each other.

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