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Essentia Magicis/Magical Essence

One of the major goals for this expedition is gaining influence in the areas where Essentia Magicis, also know as magical essence, is found in large quantities. These areas are the oases of the Southern Desert, where it keeps the area alive and allows for nature to flourish. The essence is vital for developing magical weapons, clothes or other enchantments. Exploring the Southern Desert: Expedition 3, S. Eien


Material Characteristics

Magical essence exists in two forms: liquid, in which it is the easiest to gather, and as other materials infused with it (which is very expensive to collect). The liquid, it's main form, usually has blueish or purple tones and is very oily. It reflects light very well, and can therefor seem to have other colours.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Essentia Magicis is oily, thick and sticky. It's feels colder than the environment.

Geology & Geography

The liquid essence is only known to be present in two places: the Shadowback and the Southern Desert. There it's always in veins beneath areas that have extraordinary plant growth, which makes it very easy to see where it could be located if the rest of the land is barren enough.

Origin & Source

Aside from it's liquid form, every material can contain essence. This is very hard to collect and instead draining the liquid veins found in some areas is preferred.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The essence is mostly used for enchanting weaponry, armor and other more mundane items. The substance is required to infuse items with magic.


When the essence is frozen and touched, it often leads to the person touching the essence contracting Winter Blight. Winter blight is very deadly and hard to cure.

Environmental Impact

The essence itself isn't dangerous to nature, instead nature needs it. If too much essence is gathered, life in these areas may diminish, especially if it's a barren wasteland biome.


Trade & Market

Not many people have access to the material, since it's not common at all. Trade is almost exclusively through authorized instances, mostly mage guilds or similar. To buy essence for private use, you need to prove yourself to be a capable spellcaster and even then it's very expensive.


Elemental / Molecular
200gp/tiny vial
Very rare
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State

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