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Winter Blight

The patient started losing consciousness more often, her situation deteriorating rapidly. Her body temperatures seems to have reached an all time low, the body is know completely cold, with the legs and arms being stiff. Moving is nearly impossible. Upon researching the blood, small ice crystals are found in it. This must be winter blight. - Notes on patient 52, Dr Tan

Transmission & Vectors

Winter blight is a very rare disease, only contracted when temperatures are below the freezing point. The disease is the result of touching raw, frozen magical essence, which leads to a reaction inside the body causing the disease to develop. The disease is not contagious and can only be obtained form it's source: frozen essence.


Winter blight only starts to show when the infected patient leaves a cold area for a warmer one. The main symptom is dropping body temperatures, which continue to happen until the blood is completely frozen: by that time, the patient is already dead. Effects of this dropping temperatures include fever, loss of consciousness and loss of memory.


The best way to treat it is through magical spells. For those not having access to these, living in a cold climate is the solution, as the disease won't develop and isn't dangerous in these areas. Blood transfusions while in those cold areas can also help, but those are dangerous undertakings not guaranteed to work.


Many side effects of a low body temperatures happen when this disease is contracted. Because of a weakened immune system, patients are more susceptible to attract other diseases. After the disease has been treated it takes a few days for the patient to recover. During this recovery period, contracted other diseases is highly likely which can result in a slower recovery process.


Avoiding any skin contact with magical essence in cold areas is important. This can be done by wearing gloves and other protective gear. Should there be suspicion of touching the essence, the patient should stay in the cold area until a healer can make sure he's healthy.

Extremely Rare

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