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Solid poisoning

Here you have it. The consequences you thought will not come.
Of all the elements, you had to pick up the one with the hardest treatment.
Yes, I know that compared to tearing yourself apart by Charge this is less permanent, but the freaking plant you need grows on the opposite end of the continent.
How, for the Flow's sake, are you going to get it?


Solid poisoning is condition directly corelated to the residual Solid Flow in ones body.
The Solid present in one's body creates an assortment of various metal or toxic elements. Depending on how the body is built and where the residual Solid is, this can either strengthen the body or have adverse effects on it.   Due to the strengthening effects being rare, the residual Solid mostly creates a collection of symptoms which were named Solid poisoning.    


All elements of the Flow have their own effects on the body and mind.
As the residual Solid slowly dissipates, it leaves behind various metallic and toxic elements. Many of which are often unable to be processed by the body.
If a person is lucky, these elements are then expunged from the body via any means possible. The unlucky ones however end up with a myriad of symptoms as these toxic elements stay in their system or even accumulate.


The first phase of Solid poisoning is the characteristic brown striping caused by the residual Solid. Sharp linear patterns will appear in the affected area indicating the presence of Solid.   The second phase is the dissipation of the residual Solid. The sharp brown patterns will start turning into variously colored varicose veins as the elements start appearing in the bloodstream of the affected area. Though the affected will have the symptoms worse, the bloodstream will spread the toxic elements and metals all over the body. Due to this, it is not surprising to see symptoms even in areas unaffected by the residual Solid.   During the third phase, the residual Solid is either gone, or its quantity has been refreshed.
if the person took the advice and stopped using Abilities including the Solid Flow, then the treatment may be as easy as helping the body get rid of the elements and metals.
In the sad case that the user continued to use the Solid Flow, their situation will continue to grow worse until their eventual demise is caused by organ failures.    


The symptoms shown depend on the phase the affected person is undergoing.
  The first phase is still relatively harmless. Residual Solid is present in the system, but it is yet to turn into toxic elements and metal that would poison the body.
Sharp brown patterns using lines will appear on the part of the body where the residual Solid is accumulated. These do nothing except an indication of where the condition will start from.   The second phase is the creation of toxic metals or elements in the body. Veins get damaged and show up, skin changes color, and organs start struggling with their job.
Additionally, some elements or metals end up as growths caused by their accumulation in the skin or muscle tissue. Depending on size and placement, these can be no threat nor be causing any pain, or they can be life-threatening and painful. Skilled healers can remove these growths, some even have value depending on their metallic composition.
This is often the phase where the affected person wisens up and seeks any treatment possible.   The third stage is branching towards recovering from the created elements and metals, or symptoms from the second phase worsening until the point of death.    

Prevention and Treatment

The best prevention is not using Solid Flow for abilities, and if that is not an option, then at least learn how to direct the residual Solid to specific parts of the body. 
Sending the residual Flow into toes or not used fingers, can slow down the spread, but at a huge risk for the fingers. Body fat or hard skin can prevent the toxic elements and metal from getting into the bloodstream but often result in a higher amount of generated growths.
Another way to clear Solid poisoning in the first phase, is visiting Void shrine. This method purges the residual Flow out of the body, thus preventing the condition from progressing.   After the Solid poisoning progresses to the second phase. The best treatment becomes the CuriMetta, a plant specifically feeding on various metals and toxic elements. Its long roots grow through the affected area and drain all the metals and toxic elements out of one's body. This extremely painful process is not safe, as the roots of the plant itself can pose a threat to the person. Healer applying CuriMetta needs to be aware of the rapid root growth, and kill the plant in time before the damage caused by the root becomes too severe. After the plant is killed, the roots will then die out inside the person, resulting in a different kind of poisoning, but one much easier treated.
  CuriMetta is, however, hard to come by and its treatment is reliable but painful. People, therefore, choose to stop using Solid Flow when things become severe and instead administer a variety of herbs, teas, substances, and other medicines to deal with Solid poisoning.    


Solid poisoning was one of the first conditions linked to the use of the Flow. The symptoms growing from the distinctive patterns caused by residual Solid left no space for doubt.
It has been somewhat known even before the The Grand migration. Where people were suddenly showing the first stage due to contact with the Flow in the wild.
The Raiders who were using Solid Flow as soon as Crystal Harness has been invented quickly fell victims to the Solid poisoning, and yet again created a need for treatment.

Details card:

Cause: Usage of Solid Flow
Severity: Dangerous; Lethal.
Varicose veins with the color of various metals.
All kinds of poisoning-related organ damage.
Small metal growths in affected areas.
Chemical Compound

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
30 Jul, 2022 21:21

I really like this concept and how using magic/exposure to magic basically create metal poisoning :D I think the way you presented this article is good, and the only thing that I wasn't clear about is the solid flow itself. I've read the flow article to get a better understanding of it, but I'm still not 100% sure when people get the condition. Is the solid flow accumulating in everyone's body since they're all exposed to the flow? Or only if they go the area where the flow starts to solidify? Or only when they somehow use it for magic (I'm not clear if this is a possibility or how they would do that)? The condition itself is well explained I think :D

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30 Jul, 2022 21:29

Thank you. I think I know where the rest of your understanding is hiding behind. The Flow itself has numerous elements, Solid is only one of them. The Elements article is linked almost everywhere, but as of the time of writing this reply, the elements are not yet completed. In the meantime to help with clarity: The Flow can be used to achieve some goals, it is a whole magic system. It works like this: First people need some Flow in reach, they then use specific techniques to manipulate the Flow with their focus, and when all is done, they walk away and some amount of the Flow "stick" to them in form of Residual Flow. Solid Poisoning is what happens to people with the residual Solid Flow in their system.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
31 Jul, 2022 07:54

Ah, that does clarify it! Thanks :D

To see what I am up to:WE list of articles and goals.