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Family structure

Each Familia has members: sanguini (blood relatives) and generi (married or adopted – only way of social ascend). One of the Familia's members (either the eldest or chosen - it varies between families) is nominated the Parens Familiae (their word is final, they represent official party line etc).

Rules of marriage

equal – within caste ; both Spouses have rights according to the prenuptial agreement
unequal marriage – higher Spouse and Consort from lower caste ; limiting rights of the consort (no property, obiedience etc.) See also the Stark Precedent for totally unconventional unequal prenuptial agreement).

Other members

Apart from them, Familiae include Signiferi (sworn to work for the familia, while being the part of different caste), one of them is Praefectus (official representative to Parens Familiae), Curatori (either servants or employed as "court artists") and Fides (Innominiwith sworn fealty)
Socius: members of other Familiae working in association

See also: Forms of address.

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