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Forms of address

Parens Familiae = Headship
Only in extremely official situations Lord Pater / Lady Mater de [family name] ; otherwise, they are referred to as any member of the Familia
Person when single
Lord/Lady [name] de [family name]
Person when married
If married equal: Lord/Lady [full name with both family names]
If married unequally: higher spouse keeps their full names, lower spouse: Lord/Lady Consort [Spouse's full name] or unofficially Lord / Lady Consort [name] de [family name]
Underage (both sanguini and generi): Master/Miss [name] + [family name] de [family name]. In case of equal marriage: Master/Miss [name] + [family name adopted by parents] de [family name of the chosen Familia]
Generi, when of age: Lord/Lady [name + family name] de [generi name]

Lord / Lady [full name] de Familia [fealty family name]
[family name] de Familia [fealty family name]
[name] de Familia [fealty family name]
who aren't curatori: Mr/Ms. [full name]


Lord Pater Odin de Odinson and Lady Frigga de Odinson ; Lord James de Danvers-Rhodes and Lady Carol de Danvers-Rhodes
Lord Howard de Stark and Lady Consort Howard de Stark (Lady Consort Maria de Stark, née de Carbonell) ; Lord Steven de Rogers and Lord Consort Steven de Rogers (Lord Consort James de Rogers, né de Barnes)
Miss Cassandra Lang de Lang ; Miss Lila Danvers-Rhodes de Rhodes ; Master Harvey Keener de Stark
Lord Thor de Odinson ; Loki Laufeyson de Odinson

Lord Edwin Jarvis de Familia Stark ; Lady Virginia Potts de Familia Stark
Lewis de Familia Foster ; JARVIS de Familia Stark
Ezechiel de Familia Stark
Ms. Patricia Walker ; Mr Ben Urich

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