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Parens Familiae

The most respected (most influential) member of the Familia, chosen among its members to represent the official interests of the Familia.


Depending on the Familia, Parentes are either elected among the members of the Familia, or apponted due to being the eldest members.


  • representing official position
  • controlling the economical status
  • controlling social structure of the Familia (nuptials and adoptions, naming Signiferi, appointing Socii etc.)


  • representing Familia at public events
  • acting as Familia's representative at political councils etc.
  • managing Familiae finances etc.
  • arranging and/or approving marriages and adoptions
  • appointing various tasks to members of the Familia, Socii, and Signiferi, including appointing Praefectum

Accoutrements & Equipment

Family seal, often fitted into ring or necklace.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Generally, the appointment is for life, unless the Parens Familiae is tried and found Innominus (see: Aldrich Kilian).

Notable Holders

The Ton: Elizabeth de Kilian, Thor de Odinson, Alexander de Pierce, Henry de Pym, Alexandra de Reid, Anthony de Stark, T'Chaka de T'Cha
The Executiva: Margaret de Carter, Peter de Quill, Steven de Rogers, Obadiah de Stane, Helmut de Zemo
The Custodes: James de Dugan, Nicholas de Fury, Gabriel de Jones, Chester de Philips, Robert de Rhodes, Thaddeus de Ross.
The Protectores: Bruce de Banner, Helen de Cho, Jeri de Hogart, Matthew de Murdock, Daniel de Rand, Stephen de Strange.
The Provisores: Barnett de Barton, Winston de Fisk, Justin de Hammer, Harold de Meachum.
Nobility, Household
Alternative Naming
Headship ; Lord Pater / Lady Mater
Source of Authority
election / primogeniture
Length of Term
life unless deemed Superfluus

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