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Atlantis Utopia (MCU)

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Sociocracy was inspired by Plato's ideal state ruled by the thinkers.
Members of the first thirteen Familiae of Atlantis had been interested in pursuit of both knowledge and wisdom, so it had been them who established the Ton, caste of philosophers. They were responsible for creating the Rules of Society that ensured progress and prosperity for all civii. Both the Societas and the Operativa consisted of the descendants of the Ton's companions on the journey and of the settlers from the second and third waves. The Familiae of the Societas decided to divide into castes with different responsibilities. They were executives, custodes, protectores, and provisores. Together they ensured that the Rules of Society were obeyed and actually worked towards progress and prosperity for all civii. As no state can exist, not to mention prosper, without production, Operativa were creating goods and provisions for the well-being of all.
As it has been established, these three groups were co-dependent. The Ton secured social justice so that no group would be oppressed, but could as easily reduce freedoms in the name of well-being. The Societas could influence Ton to execute or prevent changes ; they could also execute control over Operativa as they oversaw the transfer of means. And the Operativa could either further the development of the Atlantis, or stop progress by refusing to work towards the greater good.
Naturally, there was no human community that consisted only of the perfect people. The ones who were ill, disabled, unable or unwilling to work were taken care of by the Society, provided they adhered to the Rules. And the Rules dictated they were to live in the community centers where all their needs would be seen to. The ones who consciously broke the Rules were disgraced. However, the Society always hoped for their redemption and more often than not Familia of the Ton or of the Societas vouched for them and in return, the disgraced Innominus swore fealty to the Familia, until their debt to Society was paid. Of course, in some cases that would be unacceptable by the Society and those Innomini - who usually commited crimes - were also institutionalised.
As it was, the Society worked. So claimed its civii who visited other countries and had a chance to compare sociocracy with other systems. Also foreigners who travelled to Atlantis, and newcomers who migrated here, agreed that in such a small state this system was perfect as it evolved along with the Society faster than any other.

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