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Center of the Atlantis state, situated on the Isle of Manhattan. Most densely populated part of the Atlantis, houses all Familiae of the Ton, most of other Familiae of the Societas own property there, and the Operativi usually live there (either in their own properties or tenement houses).
As a political centre of the Atlantis-state, the Capital houses all governmental buildings. Among them, most important are: Council of the Ton, Curia (house for the Executiva), High Court, Pentagon, Triskelion, the Mint, Metropolitan Hospital etc.
Capital is also considered cultural centre of the Atlantis-state. Its most famous cultural institutions include: Metropolitan Museum, Metropolitan Opera, Grand Theatre (both theatre and cinema).


As all parts of the Atlantis, the residents of the Capital represent all groups of the Society.


All governmental buildings of the Atlantis are located in the capital. Among them Council of the Ton, Curia (house for the Executiva), Pentagon, Triskelion , the Mint, Metropolitan Hospital etc.


The Capital is located on the island. In case of the siege, it can be self-sustaining.


Mostly skyscrapers, either Victorian or Art Deco/Modernist conglomerate


Political and cultural centre of Atlantis-state.


Victorian neogothic (various European influences of medieval architecture, see for e.g. Asgard Tower), Art deco (novelty, influenced by the Stark Tower)


Manhattan Island, bounded by the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers.

Natural Resources

Central Park in the centre of the Capital provides the Oxygen for the whole city. It also houses several high-production hydroponic greenhouses.


  • Map of Map of the Capital
    City plan of Capital, the political centre of Atlantis.
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