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Mwohrth (MW-oh-rth)

The Mworth are a feline humanoid species roughly the same height as Humans.  Their fur ranges from tawny with close grouped spots to black with black spots.  Their species is a new encounter for the people from Europa and beyond.  The Mworth range from just east of Houma Bay, down through the narrow strip of lands well into the Great Rainforest and then to the southernmost reaches.

Basic Information


Bipedal, feline shape with fully functioning hands and feline shaped skull.  They are physically capable of forming all the syllables of the common tongue.

Genetics and Reproduction

Mworth rarely form permanent mate bonds, though it is not unheard of between best friends.  Instead they tend to live in a matrilineal clan structure.

Growth Rate & Stages

They follow normal humanoid development, averaging about the same as a human.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While they are capable of consuming vegetables, they prefer meats and tend to eat more of them if offered.  They would be completely carnivorous if given the choice, but are capable of living a vegetarian life.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Mwohrth are just as happy exploring alone as they are in groups, though they tend to form clan structures when they gather.

Facial characteristics

They have a distinctly feline face

Average Intelligence

Humanoid average

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Low light vision.  Otherwise completely normal.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Mwohrth find a healthy slender build, sleek undamaged fur, and clean healthy teeth physically attractive.  They also prefer symmetry in faces, just like humans.  Intellectually both genders appreciate social skills, and curiosity.

Gender Ideals

There are almost no distinctions between males and females growing up, with little of the job specializations seen in other humanoids.  Either sex is just as likely to feed and care for weened young, even inside the clan feeding and caring for a youngling that's not your own is not uncommon.  Pregnancy and nursing is honored as a continuation of the clan or species, but neither rewarded nor inhibited, merely accepted as part of life.

Courtship Ideals

Mwohrth, like many mammals, have a specific season for mating. Just before and during this time courtship is done in games of athletic ability, dances, story telling, and general merriment

Relationship Ideals

Romance is largely unheard of between Mwohrth, instead the clan is the social center of the relationship and friendships are the strength of that.  Seasonally mated pairs idealize respect, friendliness, and care for the young.  However, no expectation is placed upon them after the children are weened.

Average Technological Level

Varies by region and empire.

Common Dress Code

They have few nudity taboos, and are perfectly happy in a loincloth or whatever the culture around them dresses in.  Their natural curiosity comes with a willingness to wear new kinds of clothes just to see what it's like.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Mwohrth love to wander and see new lands, moving from clan to clan is completely normal and wandering off to where no clans exist is considered a glorious adventure!  Clans accept incoming and outgoing members readily, and with few taboos.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Mwohrth love to be clean. Mutual bathing, combing and primping as part of social bonding.  Meals are better shared to a Mwohrth with food swapping from plate to plate as the adventure and curiosity of a meal is shared and sampled often.

Common Taboos

Mwohrth seem to have a universal excrement and waste taboo, preferring latrines far from their senses.  They tolerate big cities for a little while but prefer to move on from the smell.  They also have a sentient meat taboo.


The Mwohrth were just as exploited by the K'Thonim as the other peoples of the world, however, since the main K'Thonim facilities were located in Atlantica, the Mwohrth were never transplanted to the other continents.  While they are not found on the The Dark Coast they have at one time ranged fully across all of Atlantica.  During the The Great Darkening they worked with the other peoples around them to survive.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Mwohrth are xenophilic in that they love to find curiosities that other species generate, from food to clothes to music and entertainment.  They delight in other species as much as they do their own kind.
  " should consider in all seriousness whether the Mwohrth were discovered, or if in fact they discovered us!"   ~Professor Shreeve Donkin, Howth University
Scientific Name
Homo Felinus
Average Height
They tend to be slightly taller than humans with males coming in at 5'11" and females coming in at 6'1"
Average Weight
Average Physique
Slender of build, but quicker on the average.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Fur variations range from black spot groups on tawny fur to black on black
Geographic Distribution


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