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Dutlea (duht-lee)

"Perhaps the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Well, apart from the dragons and myself... Oh, and perhaps one other..."
Sgàil, Royal Advisor
  Dutlea is a form of bird that is found native to Skegring Sands predominantly. It is a wild bird but can be trained to become a companion to those that show it respect and honey. They were created through magical corruption from a temple in the sands, merged with a common raven. The creatures are naturally magical but are able to turn into mist and escape from any cage that attempts to bind them, no matter if the cage is magical or not.   The first recorded case of one of these birds was over 900 years ago by the Royal Advisor at the time, Sgàil, who found one of the birds inside of the abandoned temple to Recondite, God of Arcana. The birds are believed to have come from the magic that was left over within the temple after it fell. The birds have continued to increase in population since then but they are born at a very slow rate so there are not many found outside of Skegring Sands.

Basic Information


Dutleas are tiny, flying birds that are bipedal in nature, built similarly to their raven ancestors. They have two feathered wings that are rainbow coloured, and the rest of their body is covered with feathers of a rainbow nature. The colours shift depending on the mood of the bird and cannot be influenced be external magic. They have black beaks and bright gold eyes, that are said to be able see through walls, though this is not confirmed.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dutleas reproduce much like their raven counterparts, laying eggs of a multicoloured nature. However, unlike other birds, they will only lay eggs once in their entire life and not all of them will reach hatching stage. The birds must also be in a mating pair for viable eggs to hatch. They mate for life but often spend little time together. A male or female Dutlea can lay eggs, and the mating pair can be any combination of gender due to their magical nature.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dutleas have a few magical abilities that set them apart from most of the birds within Arrasgoth. They have the ability to change colour depending on their mood and those that have spent enough time training one can normally predict most of their moods from the colours they show. No two bird has the same pattern of colours, regardless of their moods.
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