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Velden Isles

The Velden Isles are known as the homeland of the elves. Any elves that reside on this island do not age. Once they reach adulthood they remain that age for as long as they stay on the island.   A magic barrier prevents entry to the two southern isles though the small northern island is accessible. When elves leave and set foot on the main continent they are no longer able to return through this barrier. The barrier has been in place for over 1000 years and little is known about current elven culture on The Velden Isles.   Many elves choose to leave and it is considered impolite to ask an elf why they have left the Velden Isles. Some leave as they hear a call to adventure, some leave for love, some may be banished, and others still just feel they are "ready" to leave.   The small northern island has a few trading outposts where elves and other races can meet to exchange goods and information.

Foreign Relations

Go not to the Elves for aid for they will say both no and yes.

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