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The Nation of Sintria spans much of southern Arenia, with a few of its settlements cut off by Saracova.   Sintria is a nation predominantly of humans, with many dwarves nestled in the mountains to the west. While many dwarves prefer to reside underground, some prefer the open air. Sintria welcomes such dwarves with open arms. Known for the last few hundred years as one of the most stable and prosperous monarchies in all of Arenia, that reputation has started to change in the last few decades after starting a war with Foria. Sintria has become increasingly focused on militaristic endeavours and this cultural shift has led to unrest and uprising.   Currently at war with Saracova, which was originally a region of Sintria. In a ceasefire arrangement with Foria. Not formally at war with The Empire of Vudon, but given the Empire‚Äôs aggressive expansion, conflict seems inevitable.

Foreign Relations

Sintria is like a blind monster, fighting without knowing why.

Geopolitical, Country
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Monarchy, Absolute
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