A port city in the nation of Sintria, and the new home of the Shadow Thieves following the Empire of Vudon's conquest of Kiria and Acovas.


Mercaster is a larger city in Sintria boasting a population of about 87,000 people. The city is the most popular choice when elves choose to emigrate from The Velden Isles leading to a significant Elf and Half-elf population. While many leave to find new homes or explore the rest of Arenia, many choose to stay and start families. The amount of humans in the surrounding areas has led to many Elf and Human pairings, making half-elves the largest demographic here. Many other races can be found in Mercaster and call the city home. The complete breakdown of Mercaster’s population is as follows:  
  • Half-elves 41%
  • Humans 29%
  • Elves 16%
  • Dwarves 8%
  • Halflings 3%
  • Gnomes 1%
  • Half-orcs 1%
  • Others 1%
Owning Organization