12 First Seed 3169 AoM

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562 years since the fall of the Aurunian Empire. The land of the Continent of Aurun is wild and dangerous. The forest primeval took back the marble temples and Aurunian columns and obliterated the rule of Man. The only law existing in this lands is the law of sword and claw.   The only respite, a brief period of eight decades when Good King Omand restored the rule of law.   He and his archmage Vitiate created the Dragon Knights, and fought back against the wilderness. Under his rule, justice was the law of the land, distant outposts reconnected, ancient roads taken back from the forest. It seemed a new Age of Men was dawning.   In his 75th year Good King Omand was murdered, betrayed by Mandrake, Captain of the Bronze Dragonflight. Mandrake sold King Omand’s plans and weaknesses to Ajax the Invincible, now named Overlord.   It is now the 50th year of Ajax’s rule. Few now remember Good King Omand, remember a time when the roads were safe and men feared not the forests.   This is the Age of Conquest...