The Prime Material Plane of Arceiron is the setting where all campaigns in the world of Arceiron take place. It is the central planet of The Omniscape and orbited by a singular moon, called Selûne and by a cluster of asteroids, known as the Tears of Selûne. The World itself is circling a solar body, known as Vita, which resides at an impossible distance away from the world.


Arceiron is comparable in size to real life Earth and consists of various continents and islands. There was also one large and very mysterious continent in the south-east of the world called Samarkand, known by many scholars only as the Lost Lands, whose nature and inhabitants are all but unknown to most outsiders.


  • Altheim. The great continent in the north-western part of the world, home to the Empire of Man, but also many smaller nations and savage creatures. It is constantly threatened by its connection to the Abyssal Wastes at the northern edge of the world.
  • Arkvard. Constantly threatened by the oppressive Garlanthar Empire, from its northern half, the people of this continent struggle to uphold their valued independence. It is located at the far eastern border of Arceiron and features varied landscapes from frost-covered mountains, over thick forests, to barren deserts.
  • Athenar. The south-westernmost continent of Arceiron is full of varied landscapes and nations. It's population prefers not to get involved with the other continents of Arceiron, but that might be due to the fact that they have so much going on themselves.
  • Aurunia. Part of the great megacontinent in the centre of the world. Once ruled over by the Aurunian Empire, it is now home to many smaller kingdoms and nations that have risen since the empire's fall.
  • Avalorn. Located in the central south of the world, it is known as the continent of great kingdoms, mystical knights, fairytales and legendary heroes.
  • Ivalis Archipelago. Not actually a continent, but a large collection of islands, right at the world's centre. It is infamous for its piracy, ruthless trading companies, but also lost treasures.
  • Jade-Lands. The lands of the rising sun, located in the central east of the great megacontinent, is known for its strict code of honor, spirit creatures and isolated culture. It is constantly fighting a losing battle against the great wound that has been dealt to the world at its eastern border, known as The Shadowlands.
  • Niiringard. This moon-shaped continent at the central south of the world is the ancestral homeland of all Elves. It is said that here the first elves were created, back in the time when all the world's landmasses were still connected as one singular land, with this place as its centre. At the centre of this continent, the largest of the three World Maelstroms is located and fiercely guarded by the elves, to protect the world from a most dire fate.
  • Norheim. The northern part of the great continent and nothern-most part of the world, disregarding the Abyssal Wastes. It is known for its strong and rough people and its equally hard winters. It is homw to savage naval raiders, known as Vikings, ancient ruins from an ealier age and a culture of deep faith. A large part of the continent has split from the mainland and floats as islands to its east, known as The Icelands.
  • Orchard. The other half of the eastern world, that got separated from the Jade-Lands a long time ago. The people here still live a similar lifestyle, but the threat of ogres and other savage beasts has made their lives much more dangerous.
  • Rishamia. These savage lands make up the southern part of the great megacontinent, at the centre of the world, and are known for their dark and magical forests, endless deserts and great mountains. Most of these lands are inhabited by primitive or savage people, with only the southern-most and eastern parts of the continent housing some great civilizations.
  • Samarkand. The Lost Lands, residing at the far south-eastern parts of the world. These are the lands of giants and ancient dragons, lost from history and surrounded by thick mists, making them almost impossible to reach by outsiders. It is rumored that a culture of element harvesting supremacists has taken a hold of the continent, enslaving and extorting the local populace, while upholding the border that separates them from the rest of the world.
  • Shendora. Shendora is an arid territory that covers most of the continent south of Rishamia. Many men have gone mad beneath the glare of the Shendoran sun, the source of the power of the Ascended. It is also the location of the newly resurrected Shendoran Empire, a vast civilization that bloomed millennia ago and is now rising again.
  • Vethros. Vethros is the north-westernmost continent of Arceiron. It is a dark and dangerous land, filled with nightmarish terrors, that stalk the land. But great danger also breeds great bravery and thus Vethros is home to many adventurers.
  • Wyldemarr. The ancient and dark lands of this continent, just south of the megacontinent, hold many lost and forgotten secrets. The eldritch horrors that haunt this place have given rise to a strong religious culture and many hunting orders, that try to either defeat these dark powers, or use them for their own ends. It is also the home of Draconia, the great Dragonborn nation.
  • Ysselhaim. A land of diversity, this continent in the south-west of the world, is split into several great realms, each with its own climates and inhabitants. While the north of the continent is rather civilized and consists of great kingdoms and empires, the southern realms are made up of many small warring states. Both ends of the continent are separated by the great Moram desert, the home of the Kingdom of Marquandt and its unique culture. The continent is also bordered by a host of great islands, serving as the homelands for some unique races.

The Underdark

Besides the world on the surface, Arceiron is also known to a place known as the world below, or simply the Underdark. These tunnels and caverns stretch below all continents of Arceiron and are located far deeper than any natural cave leads. It is the home to some particularly dangerous creatures, as well as some sentient races, that have been banished to the world below, such as the Dark Elves or the Gray Dwarves.

Important Natural Landmarks and Locations

Abyssal Wastes

A great landmass borders the World of Arceiron at its northern-most end, known as the Abyssal Wastes. This place defies the laws of reality and seemingly leads further and further away from the material plane, the deeper someone wanders into these lands. It is said that they lead all the way into The Abyss and that it is from here that chaos and evil take root within the material world.

Gates of Hell

It is rumored that there exist three secret and hidden pathways on Arceiron, leading right up to the Gates of Hell, the entrance to The Nine Hells. The exact location of these gates is unknown and their existence heavily disputed. Rumor has it that one of these pathways starts hidden deep within the Mountains of Khazahk, while another is said to be located somewhere within the deepest parts of the Underdark. The third gate is said to be hidden within plain sight of everyone, yet has never officially been found.

Mountains of Khazahk

The great Mountains of Khazahk are the largest mountain range on Arceiron. They are located on the central megacontinent and span through all of its four subcontinents. Countless legends and mysteries surround these endless mountains, which are impossible to explore for any mortal creature.   These mountains also are home to the legendary Mountain of Gods, located within the lands of Gretania. It is said that this mountain is so large, that it can reach into the heavens of Elysium and that anyone who manages to climb its peak is granted a wish by the gods.

The Seven Seas

The collective bodies of water surrounding all continents and making up roughly 2/3 of the entire planet, are known as the Seven Seas. While they are all connected as one large sea, their location on Arceiron makes them display vastly different climates and properties. It is said that no mortal has ever been able to sail all the Seven Seas in a single lifetime.   The Seas are:
  • The Ancient Sea - which lies south of the Ivalis Archipelago, centrally between the continents of Rishamia, Niiringard and Ysselhaim
  • The Far Sea - which lies on the western and eastern borders of the world, connecting them through its sheer endless waters
  • The Forgotten Sea - which lies between Wyldemarr and Avalorn, leading to the forgotten continent of Samarkand
  • The Ivailan Sea - which lies betweeen Altheim, Norheim and Aurunia, engulfing the entirety of the Ivalis Archipelago
  • The Jade Sea - which lies south of the Jade-Lands and north of Wyldemarr
  • The Norse Sea - which lies along the northern border of the world
  • The Southern Sea - which lies along the southern border of the world

The Shroud

The large and mystical forest, that covers the north-western part of Rishamia, is known as The Shroud and marks a natural border between the material plane and the mystical plane of The Feywild. It is said that at certain phases of the moon, travel between the two planes can naturally occur within this forest, leading feyfolk into the material plane and mortal folk into The Feywild.

World Maelstroms

Spread across the Seven Seas, and located deep within the sea, there exist nine World Maelstroms on Arceiron - huge vortexes of water, that lead down to the deepest ridges of the world. Sages and scholars believe that it is from these maelstroms, that the magic of the Weave flows from The Astral Sea into the world of Arceiron. This makes these places incredibly potent sources of arcane energy, but also incredibly dangerous for the world as a whole. An old elven legend tells of three great world-ending evils that slumber below these maelstroms, and that can never be awaken, or the world as we know it would end.   These maelstroms vary in size, the biggest one being the vortex contained within the inner sea of Niiringard, from which once an enormous demonic host tried to invade the material plane, before the demonic hordes were stopped by the elves, who are since protecting the vortex with powerful magic, harnessing its phenomenal power as a source for their race's magical heritage.

World's End

While it is known, that the northern-most regions of Arceiron are the endless Abssal Wastes, only rumors tell of these hidden away lands at the southern edge of the world, known only as World's End. It is said, that the coast of these lands can only be reached by those marked by the gods and that the bleak landscape behind it leads to mystical realms of The Shadowfell. Many sages believe that all dead souls travel to World's End and from here pass over into the lands of the dead.
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Articles under Arceiron

The Age of Creation

5451 BAoM 3624 BAoM

A time where gods walked the material plane and the first mortal races came to Arceiron.

  • 0 AoC

    The Elven Arrival
    Population Migration / Travel

  • Around 500 AoC
    The Rage of Dragons
    Disaster / Destruction

    Once dragons as a race had established themselves during the Time of Dragons, the various religious factions of dragons began to battle one another over their different ideologies. Among those conflicts, there was one related to Bahamut that divided the usually monolithic gold dragon culture.

    More reading
    Rage of Dragons
  • Around 1800 AoC
    The Times of Trouble
    Religious event

    The gods are forced by The Creator to walk the earth of Arceiron, the Material Plane, to atone for their arrogance and misdeeds.   This is the time when The Creator enforces the law that the gods' power is connected to the worship they receive.

Age of Order

3623 BAoM 1 BAoM

  • 17 AoO

    2186 AoO

    The Eternal Empire

  • 338 AoO

    351 AoO

    The Dwarven Schisma

    Originally all dwarves were part of the same nation until "the Dwarven Schisma" (2166 - 2179 AoC), a war between the three biggest dwarven clans, which led to the separation into three different dwarven kingdoms, with completely different beliefs and cultures.

The Age of Men

0 BAoM and beyond

  • 1 AoM

    Human Uprising

    The fledgling Human race finally started to become a force to be reckoned with and begin to take territory for their own.

    More reading
  • 299 AoM

    1469 AoM

    Age of Enlightenment
    Era beginning/end

  • 300 AoM

    1323 AoM

    The Caelian Empire

    More reading
    Caelian Empire
  • 320 AoM

    Foundation of the Norscan Kingdom

    Ragnar Vargason united the Norscan Tribes and becam their frist High King.

  • 467 AoM

    1463 AoM

    Narya Empire

    More reading
    Narya Empire
  • 850 AoM

    14 Rutting

    Founding of the Conclave

    The Conclave was founded by a council of powerful mages in the hopes to recover ancient and forgotten knowledge.

    More reading
    The Arcane Conclave
    Additional timelines
  • 1468 AoM

    The Jade Empire

    More reading
    Jade Empire
  • 1470 AoM

    2605 AoM

    Age of Savagery
    Era beginning/end

  • 1471 AoM

    Foundation of the Aurunian Empire

    After conquering the seven known regions of Arceiron, the Aurunians built seven great cities of which only one, Dawnlight, remains. From their great cities, they produced a new age, the Age of Enlightenment. Magic was tamed and philosophy, politics, and law were the order of the day.

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    Aurunian Empire
  • 2605 AoM

    Fall of the Aurunian Empire
    Era beginning/end

    Like the Caelian Empire, the Aurunians ruled for over a thousand years. And like the Caelian Empire, the Aurunians empire collapsed suddenly, with no explanation, plunging the world into darkness and savagery.

    More reading
    Aurunian Empire
  • 2606 AoM

    The Age of Conquest
    Era beginning/end

  • 2893 AoM

    Foundation of the Kingdom of Aurun

    The Kingdom of Aurun was founded by Larenius Convalur.

    More reading
    Kingdom of Aurun
    Additional timelines
  • 3041 AoM

    3116 AoM

    Good King Omand's Rule
    Political event

    The reigning period of Good King Omand.

    More reading
    Kingdom of Aurun
    Additional timelines
  • 3116 AoM

    The Betrayal
    Political event

    Good King Omand was murdered and betrayed.

    More reading
    Kingdom of Aurun
    Additional timelines
  • 3119 AoM

    Begin of the Overlord's Rule
    Political event

    Men obey to the Overlord's rule as they fear his dark forces.

    More reading
    Kingdom of Aurun
    Additional timelines
  • 3170 AoM

    12 Deepwinter

    The Fall of Sargus
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 3171 AoM

    The Age of Change
    Religious event

    The Gods of the Omniscape started battling each other, unveiling many masks, and reordering the cosmic pantheons from purely regional to based on cosmic ideals.   This has caused the reveal of many divine masks, leading to fewer gods overall.


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