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Threat from the Monarch of Dusk


As a servant of the Dark Gods, and self proclaimed bringer of the eternal night, the Monarch of Dusk carries a deep interest for the Nightink crystal. A stone said to allow the wielder to communicate with the spirits from beyond once every month.   To get his hands on the relic, he used the leverage of the kidnapped lord Locus and his daughter's lives as a way to force Morlove to hand the crystal over.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Once Morlove recieved the letter, he was stunned with shock, but agreed on the terms to get back the people he loved. Strapped up with a dozen guns, he set out alone at night to meet the Monarch of Dusk and make the trade.


Betrayed by the Monarch, as his bethroed and mentor had their throats slit infront of him while guards restrained him down, Morlove managed to pull one of his guns and shoot the monarch where he was critically wounded next to the heart.   Once both of them had managed to escape death by the skin of their noses, they grew an unbridled hatered for each others and were locked in a conflict where both parties wish not only to kill the other, but lay ruin to everything they own.
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