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Sickles of Kasus Khzar

Steel sung through the air. A shriek soon followed as a symphony of metal through flesh resounded across the fallen streets. The creatures stood no chance against the dark typhoon that whirled across their ranks. A purifying force that spilled the oozing green, fish smelling gore from their carcasses.   Three figures stood on the hill above. Their emotionless eyes watching the carnage as Kasus Khzar heaved through the hordes of Tragedites. Each slash of his sickles separated the horribly mutated beasts from their limbs. His black runes etched on the blades cleaving their souls back into the flow.   “The world of old has fallen, why do you still cling on to your so-called noble ideals?” The middle man asked. “As long as chaos exists, as long as the people are free, we can never know peace and prosperity. Just look around you.”   An intense black glow started to emit from the ebon and silver sickles. A dark smoke rising from the sigils, as a hoarse drowned voice echoed through the tainted landscapes.   "Archduke Zhalasar. A fucking craven in life. Even more disturbed a manwhore in undeath. It will be my pleasure to torment you for an eternity.”   In a flash of the blades, a twin vortex darker than ink crashed into the trio, casting them to the deepest pits of the abyss.


  The twin sickles of Kasus Khzar consists of hardened steel bent into a crescent moon. Sharpened on both the inside and outside of the curve. The handle itself is covered by a thick black leather, which can be bound around the wrist to throw the weapons.   Carved into the flat of the blades are the black sigils of death, inlined by ornamental silver symbols which makes the dark glow from the runes shimmer underneath the moonlight.   Along the blades is also a matching foci, which looks like a spiked cylinder with three runestones. Two pitch black and the central one glowing with a faint golden light.  



Twin Sickles

  A pair of razor sharp blades, capable of cutting clean through the trunk of a tree. The runes of these weapons allow the wielder to separate the soul from the body by cleaving clean through a foe’s spirit.   The runes also bind to the soul of the wielder, allowing them to summon the blades from thin air and channel the power of the fighter's personality. Causing their most prominent traits and capabilities to significantly increase in potency.  

Foci of Eternal Sands

  The foci is only able to be controlled by the mind of the blades wielder. Serving as a third weapon that breaks the limits of what a mortal could achieve in magical prowess.   It works in synergy with the warrior in control. Casting storms of dark and cold ashen-like sand along with frigid powerful gusts of wind that can cut through a horde like ten thousand sharp obsidian shards.


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