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Science of Portalmancy

The Science of Portals

  Throughout history, man has always sought easier and more effective means of transportation. From the birth of the wheel came an era of seaward dominion, to the trains that pierce the desert winds, to the marvels of aeronautical technology that see us soaring the skies on airships.   It might not come to any surprise that many believe portals to be the future for transportation, as the old remnant relics of our past have already confirmed the possibility. The reality of this possibility however remains bleak, as this report will continue to discuss further down.   Portals are an exact science. They are not like summoning where an unstable rift is breached to call fourth distant souls.   Portals are more permanent. They are extraordinary constructions that link two locations within the same space and time, breaking the physical barrier to create a sort of thin veil where the two rooms exist in the same spot.   This process is incredibly unstable and the slightest miscalculation might cause the portal to explode, as time and space unravels itself and starts to seep energy from the magical realm to heal itself.   The consequences of such an event includes but are not limited too - magical mutations of the land, mutations of creatures both animals and mortals, a weakening in the veil of reality which allows non-natural entities of equilibrium to more easily pass through, and wild fluctuations of arcane streams making an erratic array of magical types far more efficient or weaker in the local area.  


  The machinery of the portal consists of a runic steel arc bound to an altar stone on which the gateway rests. The arc itself has a plethora of wires and sockets attached to the internal components, consisting of a thick thread of copper wiring, coolants and electrical storage coils that effectively makes it a massive battery.   Within the inner ring of the arc, five coils stand inverse to that of the internal ones. Being placed at the arc’s feet, centre and corners. Each linking pure electricity to stream through the gate like a wall of tesla.   Naturally, such science demands a heavy output of energy, making it crucial to have the portal powered up by the means of oil and coal.  

Magitech systems


Runic Matrix

  This component of the portal is often considered to be the most vital. Consisting of a cubical construct made from a vast amount of square shaped runestones. All containing different information of spells and incantations, that are meant to synchronise and connect with the other gateway.   These cubes transform the electric wall within the gate to manifest a small shard of space and time which exist within both locations simultaneously. Effectively ensuring that anyone who steps into the portal now leaves this shard of space on the other end of the conjured room.  

Arcana coils

  To ensure that the portal actively becomes a gateway rather than death ray, arcana coils surround each of the ordinary coils. Infusing and supporting them with pure refined magical force that reacts with the electricity.   This field of voltage now turns into a bubble of physical arcane which the runic matrix can shape and conjure with mechanical perfection and endless vigour. Allowing the portal itself to wield magics far beyond the physical limitations of even the most powerful mages.  


  To ensure that the link between portals work, the runic matrix is coded with various magical incantations carved into the rocks. These runes harness the mystical language of time and space, where each cube defines a certain constellation, its distance from the portal and its correlations to the planetary system around the gateway world.   Through this method, the runic matrix casts a permanent linking spell that equalises the exact values of both gateway locations. Effectively making them one and the same, regardless of distance.  


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