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Suffah Origin Myth


It all starts with the Jinn, spirits that resided on another world other than Kaf whose name has yet to be found at the time of writing. The jinn also inhabited the world with another intelligent species, whose names are still lost to history. The jinn were disillusioned and plain fed up with them for various reasons and thus went to the angels of their god to settle things. The basic outcome was that the jinn were to find a new world among the stars. The angels bestowed divine transports to the jinn for them to carry their belongings as well as flora and fauna to populate their new home. Their journey in space took millennia, some smaller groups settling other worlds until the majority found what would become Kaf.   The beginning of Kaf entails the jinn who arrived on the planet terraforming it by following the instructions given to them by the Archangels. First they were told to slowly populate the world using the flora and fauna from their previous planet to fill the world with a sustainable source of magic power. Then they were to release the souls of their previous world's deceased lifeforms to attract the subtle matter needed to craft a parallel spirit world for the jinn to inhabit on Kaf.
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