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Culture and cultural heritage

The Marid clan historically have had the most nobility and political power since the djinn created the idea of ethnic tribes. This is mainly due to a lot of Marid noble families having direct access to the gemstone mines underneath the Emerald Mountains and being the vast majority of the two highest castes. They also have a lot of cultural influence among other djinn creeds as well, being able to dictate the others follow trends in fashion, physical appearance, and etiquette for large majority of Kaf’s history. Their culture raises them to have a strong affinity and love of water and the sea, as can be seen by the various inclusion of blues and greens in their clothing, jewelry, national symbols and schools of magic devoted to water and similarly ocean derived elements. Not to mention, that once they moved to seaside regions, homes that could be crafted there were the most prized and maritime enjoyments like sea salt and pearls were the most expensive when sold in the major Djinn cities.

Common Dress code

Marids traditionally were always clad in the finest clothes they can afford, which ranged from high grade linen to imported silk. Noble men will commonly wear Kaftan robes and tunics with fur lining and embroidery while women would wear a variety as a two piece dress with a large belt.   Commoner male marids prefer to wear sleeveless vests and elaborate pantaloons and turbans, while females prefer slit skirts and clever tunics that show only flashes of their pearly skin. Common color schemes in their clothing include shades of blue, blue-greens, and purple and lined with gold.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

It has been said that the Marid are a calm and soft spoken race, and they are taught as children to speak only when they have something worthwhile to say. It is for this reason that Marid are often regarded as founts of wisdom and excellent givers of advice. However the Marid Djinn are also known for their legendary rages, berserker furies in which they cannot easily be pacified. Traditionally, those with darker hues were seen more desirable it was a symbol of being able to afford to leisure through sunbathing and absorb healthy sunlight.
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