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Shot Round

Shot Round is a basic shooting-type art that is essentially the Mana Shot improved with manaplasm. As such it is accessible to Mana Artists with Human ancestry.


The manaplasm sphere generated by the skill is accelerated at high speeds by a forceful push of the hand or a punch towards a target. Striking a target can cause heavy concussive force that will have the construct dissipate on contact. The resulting damage generally amplifies the person's natural pushing by a factor of three to five, which often inflicts pain, knocks objects, or breaks wood.


Manaplasm is compressed into the shape of a sphere roughly large enough to fit in the palm of the user that conjured it. Once the user merely compresses magic  in the shape and mass of a round bullet, accelerates it, and sets it forth as a projectile.


Mana within the human body is drawn to the palms where it condenses into the round ball construct.


As a basic mana sorcery skill, its knowledge is before recordered history, likely this skill was discovered and used even by the ancient human predecessors.
Gestures & Ritual
An open palm is typically held up to form the sphere although a fist is possible after getting used to the technique. The limb that conjured it must then push it forward, typically with a palm strike or a punch in the later case. The most efficient method of using this skill is by conjuring the round by pulling back the arm and firing it off by thrusting the entire arm forward.
Applied Restriction
As a sorcery skill that forms a construct, only human species and those with significant human descent are able to perform this move correctly and often innately so

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