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A proctor is one who acts on the behalf of another, a procurator. As a proctor, they take charge of the affairs of others and act for them. Their services are present throughout various aspects of society such as law, education, civil or religious service.



In law, you are similar to lawyers, and a rather high class of them at that. You also play a religious role for clergies, representing them in courts of church law. You also proctor education processes, overseeing tests and exams in lieu of higher officials. As much as you are like a lawyer in many aspects, you are a more specialized form than the usual advocate. Proctors have the power to enact disciplinary action unlike how lawyers can only hash out the rules.

Career Progression

Those in the profession of proctor tend toward certain fields in most cases to practice. Whether they are in it for justice, profit, or personal advancement, they find their niche and perform well. In law, they often started as an Attorney. In finance, they are often an experienced class of trade brokers or asset consultants. Within faiths like Ecclesiam, proctors represent licensed clergy, or clergy holding office in cathedrals. They also serve to represent religious communities, universities and theological education institutions. In education, proctors are high ranking officials that often supervise admissions and exam taking.


Social Status

Proctors are an entity ultimately tied back to the tiers of society and the inner workings. This work is fairly common and well respected within their circles. When they enter offices of law and the like, their personal seal is a currency of credibility. Other officers are less likely to question them for their motives when asking for things like records on people. They also have little problem requesting information from judges and courts and know generally where to find official information they seek.



Genreally a proctor will have a set of fine clothes in the form of a uniform, a personal document seal, a bundle of stationary such as paper, and something to write with such as pencils, pens, or a more classical writing implement.
Administration / Management

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