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Ecclesiam is a religion that started off as a minority to become the world's biggest faith for two millennia. It is a monolatric religion that reveres Ein, as the one true supreme god who gently watches over the world to guide mortals in the right direction. Any remaining gods are tolerated within Ecclesiam as they are told to be subordinate to Ein.


Around the end of the Ghulat Wars, Ecclesiam grew to become one of the most culturally influential faiths in the world by filling in the gap left by most of the Pantheonic faiths. Its sacred text is the Hierograph, which is considered the bedrock of Ecumene literature so reading it and having a good understanding of Ecclesiam is essential to understanding the Ecumene canon.   What originated as a crusader force and military might during and after the last Ghulat Wars for fighting against demons and monsters, later adopted doctrines that are largely benign: that people should live temperate, virtuous lives of kindness and charity. With the choas of the period it was developed in, Ecclesiam became a faith for those who looked for a god and clergy to guide them through trying times. In addition, Ecclesiam was generally best known for its rituals and a rather authoritarian approach to religious and moral doctrine, shared worldwide by missionaries and colonization.   The faith however started to become controversial as the religious authority had a hard time accepting races that were considered monsters. It became even more serious as Ecclesic clergy advocated against accepting sapient monsters and granting them the same rights as people. While there are still adherents, more have become comfortable following their own conscience over church dictates.
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Great Church

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