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The Peri are somewhat esoteric group of fairies mostly endemic to the Mashriq region. Known for having more of a martial tradition than the majority of fairy kind and having tall human sized nymphs renowned for their beauty. The peri are interesting for their similarities and contradictions to other fairy ethnicities.          Typical Appearance   Peri often has olive to tan skin tones, occasionally medium brown. Dark hair often black, brown, violet, or deep red.   Peri showcases visual differences between sexes: all females grow to Fairy Queen proportions and have two feathered bird like wings instead of the typical four fairy insectile wings.


Shared customary codes and values

The Peri are a female-oriented, group of fairies recognized by their unique feathered wings from their backs. They are lighthearted in a serene and shy way that many make great efforts to keep from being involved in larger world affairs. Actually, Peri culture encourages artistic passion, although they prefer to express and lore through pleasant and peaceful songs and their crafts with exquisite weaving. Unlike most fairies, they've made agreements with neighboring peoples to have a nation of their own, Parestan.       They live in oasis secluded by illusions, enchantment and sometimes pacts with local beings like elementals. Peri recognize that even arid places like deserts, steppes, and shrubland serve an important ecological role. As such they will focus on keeping its natural balance, promoting plant life when in season, even setting up controlled brush fires to introduce new growth when appropriate. As most of where they call home have high temperatures during the daytime, they often have shelters they stay in underground abodes and come up from the surface once the sun sets and become much more active.

Common Myths and Legends

The peri have often been seen as an oddity when compared to other fairy societies. Their origins are unclear (like most fairies) but their promixity to ancestral jinn lands have led many to believe they are descended from fairies that can trace their lineage back to nomadic or even royal jinn.    There are cultural stories that feature their forebearers fighting in the army of Husheng against the evil forces of Ahriman. Since then they have to closely tied to the larger jinn society, even if they weren't always seen as part of it.
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