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Mammoth Steppe

A large spanning area named after the largest creatures known to roam it, mammoths. It is considered one of the Eight Natural Wonders of the World and was formerly the most extensive biome of the work.


The Mammoth Steppe ecosystem is  a cold and dry region with the vegetation dominated by palatable high-productivity grasses, herbs and willow shrubs. It is often referred to as a colder counterpart to the savannahs that are found in Dunia due to similar flat lands dominated by grass and the large mammals that roam within.

Fauna & Flora

Flora   As a grassland, the land is dominated by palatable high-productivity grasses, herbs and willow shrubs. Unique to the biome are highly organic soils known as yedoma preserved in the layers of permafrost. This makes the steppe highly productive in herbs and berry bushes that are food for the large plant eating mammals and nomadic peoples during warm periods. Various trees have found success in portions of the realm such as alder, birch and pine trees, although the majority is treeless.       Fauna   The mammoth steppe is dominated by larger mammals like bison, horse, and of course the woolly mammoth. These lands are essentially where the majority of woolly fauna call home like the equally common woolly rhino, steppe mammoth, and mastodon along with reindeer, musk ox. Along with the herbivores are also carnivores like the steppe lion, gray wolves, brown bears, and the cave hyena. Humans have called parts of the biome home, such as the Iszukai Amazons along with Henge like Okurinu and Usagi.
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