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Icamiabas (E-ka-mee-ah-bahs)

Deep within ancient forests, the Icamiabas run wild and free, hunting and foraging in dense jungles, defending their homes and their sisters from monsters and beasts, and living strong and often dying young in such unforgiving environments that demand wise choices and strength.     Appearance   Icamiaba amazons stand roughly six feet to eight feet in height with strong arms and legs. Beneath the layers of dirt, war paint, tattoos, scars and sweat lays a woman with earthly beauty and strength. Though their skin tends to be shades of tan to dark brown, and hair jet black or dark brown; the colors of their eyes vary from greens, browns, hazel, and even gold. Individual tribes tend to have similarly colored sisters, with only a few unusual individuals, and other than superficial features, they tend to appear very similar in looks and size as well.   They also tend to decorate themselves with tattoos. The inks used is are often bright colors like reddish, blue or violet hues derived from fermenting and boiling local fruits to concentrate the dye. Tattoos vary from small designs, to complete coverings and depictions of animals or even tattooed camouflage. The dye readily stains clothing, and is also used to dye the robes of their priestesses.   Hair (Color): Black (Texture): Straight, slightly wavy    Eyes: Brown, Hazel, Green    Complexion: Light Brown, Medium Brown


Shared customary codes and values

Relations   Wild but not uncivilized, a common misconception about them is that they lack any ‘civilized’ knowledge, and stories are told of naked men and women falling upon unsuspecting villages to raid, ravish, and slaughter. Those tales are meant to incite fear and distrust, but they are not accurate. Most tribes are relatively peaceful due to their self sufficiency. They are not primitive and have developed an advanced knowledge of craftsmanship that rival the artisans of the great cities. Most of their traditional arms and armor utilize natural materials but through ingenuity they are able to form smaller metal forges to smelt ore. Even so, their hide armor offers protection just as comprehensive as a breastplate and their weapons are carved from the bones and ceramics that can be as effective as iron. Their crafts are not simply functional, they are also meant to be aesthetically beautiful; a fact that many other races are surprised to see when they encounter a Icamiabas Amazonian when venturing far from home. The amazons are not ignorant of the views of outsiders and will often play into false stereotypes if it can be used to scare away intruders from their lands.

Common Dress code

Icamiaba clothes are often hides or leathers adorned with decorative flourishes from things they found in the wilds or taken as trophies from fallen prey. Their armor is purposely dulled to blend in with their surroundings. Often, metallic armor is layered with thin leather or cloth to hide its appearance. Though, within their tribes, metallic armor is relatively uncommon.

Art & Architecture

Icamiabas Amazons form settlements deep within the jungles, cliffs and forests, even occasionally settling over the old ruins of long forgotten cultures. They build over top stone with bamboo and thatch houses which are typically very open, except for sleeping areas, which are closed off to prevent insects and bats from pestering them. They wall their city with stones and thatched bamboo, which reach twenty feet high. The posts are sharpened at the tips to prevent interlopers. Typically, the outside walls are also staked with sharp spears to keep the wall safe, since it is made from less durable material.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Priestesses rule over the function of the cities, while groups of specialized warriors hunt for food and defend their lands from invaders. With a limited range of skills for each individual, all members of a tribe are specialized, and vital to the workings of their society.
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