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Wingleaf is a bush named after its leaves which are feathery in appearance. The leaves are a pale green in colour and feel fuzzy to the touch. During mid to late summer, the wingleaf berries grow and mature. The berries are round and about the size of blueberries. They take on a deep purple shade when they ripen.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Once a seed has taken root, it takes about four to seven days for a sapling to appear depending on how favourable the environment is. In the right conditions, the sapling then grows into a small bush in the matter of a month. However, the wingleaf bush doesn't grow any berries until it is two years old.

Ecology and Habitats

The wingleaf bush grows best in a shaded environment such as underneath trees or next to buildings. It can withstand pretty extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum as long as it has a source of water and a modicum of sunlight.

Biological Cycle

The bush sheds its leaves during fall and enters a state of hibernation during winter. It regains its leaves in early spring and then grows until mid summer when it starts to grow berries that ripen in late summer.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The wingleaf bush has a variety of medicinal uses. The leaves are ground up into a paste and added to poultices for wounds or bruising to ease the pain. They can also be dried and turned into a powder that can be ingested together with some liquid to remedy headaches and other internal pain.   The berries are a common ingredient in health potions but the leaves will also do for this purpose in a pinch.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Wingleaf is widespread across the prime material plane of Arbressian. The only places it isn't found are in deserts and The Dead Isles.
Average Height
1.5 metres


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